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    Over 25 failed attempts of win 10 pro

    So i have over 25 failed attempts of windows 10 pro with Code 80240020 MS says to wait it out but others say to fix it by doing this , is it safe to do this or should i just ride it out?. SO how many of you have this happening and worst thing of al is MS support says its normal how is this...
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    Windows 10 pro update failed

    Several failed attempts inside windows update for windows 10 pro update failed what can i do is this normal behavior ? i see several people on various forums with same issue.
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    Esent 507-532 error in event viewer ?

    So HW info shows my backup drive as warning for sector counts but it still passes manufacture tools test, so could these errors be related to that or something different all together clean install of win 8.1 no other issues at all i seen these errors creep up on me after some windows updates...
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    Installed this update and now people say its key logger??

    i just got this update KB3022345 its something called Diagnostics Tracking Service here is the info on it Did i just install a microsoft key logger and if so how do i get ride of it this is nice there is very little info on it i assumed it was for...
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    IN HWINFO64 it says Intel ME manufacturing mode ??

    So was curious IN HWINFO64 it shows that Intel ME is in manufacturing mode what is that and is it suppose to be in this mode if not how do i get it out of this mode on my motherboard its MSI Z77A-G45 mainboard. here is a picture of HWINFO64.
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    re installed win 8.1 as was having bsod had ?

    So before i did not have secure boot as i replaced my motherboard and did not re-install now i did a complete re-install, i deleted and formatted main partition with windows, re installed it re-activated it but still no secure boot even though its on in Bios any suggestions??
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    want to delete these two partitions as i have new mobo

    So i'm not needing this DELLUTILITY partition or this recover D partition so how can i go about removing these old partitions and recouping the space from them these are left over from my old dell machine i have since transfered my whole operating system and such to a new motherboard, and this...
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    Whats a good hardware monitor program ??

    I have been using HWmonitor for a long time but getting kind of skeptical about it so whats another good one to look at i here of one called HWinfo but norton says the whole site has viruses on it, and i also heard of one called open hardware monitor. so any recommendations the site i seen HW...
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    i just updated chipset drivers should i update these too?

    So i just went to the latest chipset drivers which i don't know if made any difference but at least they are updated, so was wondering if i should also update these things on my MSI Z77A-G45 mainboard, Should i update this if so how do i get it as this is latest from motherboard manufacture...
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    What should this setting be on Device installation Setting

    So i was looking around and i noticed my device Installation setting is not set on recommended but only set on No let me choose what to do and then Always install the best driver software from windows update, and then set on automatically get the device app and info by your device manufacture...
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    i can't seem to get my windows to go back into secure boot

    So i installed my new MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard i tried to put my windows in secure boot i been all threw click bios 2 and i have everything set windows 8 mode is on in the bios, secure boot is enabled and set to standard, boot mode is set to legacy+UEFI makes no difference whether i set it to...
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    Need help i have a stuck program that will not uninstall!!

    So guys i did my motherboard swap and all went well windows booted right up and had no issue at all it might have helped that i went from MSI to MSi and the chipsets were very similar, i did install the once that came with the mainboard to be on the safe side and error on the side of caution...
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    Solved Hey anyone used this program called unchecky?

    Hi was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it or used it you can get it from was just curious if its any good and if it really does work.
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    is this software driver-fusion safe to use ??

    Hi i was going to upgrade my motherboard and i wanted to try without reinstalling windows so i was going to use driver fusion to remove my chipset drivers so i can start clean, but is the program safe its from here, Driver Fusion | Update, manage and monitor drivers & devices | Treexy and they...
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    I will be upgrading my motherboard i have some ??

    So i will be updating my motherboard hopefully in a few days, i know i can take steps to were i will not have to re do my operating system which is win 8.1, as i have seen people do it. But my question if it works like i want it to and all goes well, how would i reactivate win 8.1 if it ask me...
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    was browsing my c drive and some how my c:\ESD is empty?

    So was wondering how this could be empty as when i did the upgrade from windows 7 to 8 it was full, but when i did the upgrade to 8.1 it seems to be empty and i'm not sure how long its been empty. did the upgrade from windows 8 to 8.1 kill my ESD file?, if so how would i get it back if possible...
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    Any way to have a certain program use my TV as audio ?

    So when playing movies on netflix and or if i want to play music while playing a game is there any program or way that i can have my TV which has audio on HDMI do this ? like some program that will allow me to assign like netflix and my video software switch to my video card audio instead of me...
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    how can i remove old obsolete drivers in device manager

    Hi so i have done allot of upgrading and such and i would like to remove the old obsolete drivers from windows 8.1 device manager i know they are still there that windows hides them so how can i remove them so i can reinstall my new mouse coming in the mail today, and i know there is probable...
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    Used Revo uninstaller to remove total media theater had?

    So i used revo uninstaller tonight to remove total media theater 6 as it would not play any of my new blue rays and they are no longer supporting it, kinda of sucked but oh well, so i removed it and removed the reg links that were safe to remove the after cleanup from revo uninstaller, and when...
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    hi all is OCCT a good program ??

    I have one video game that likes to hard lock my computer so trying to rule out things and i found a program called OCCT and was wondering if its any good or is it bad to use i don't want to blow something up lol, i have ran pc doctor tools that came with my pc the stress test in there and the...