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    How to reduce the size of Windows 8.1

    Hello I have a tablet computer that I bought a number of years ago, from Hewlett-Packard (there's no name on the device so I have no idea what model it is). It runs Windows 8.1, and it's got a total storage of 20 GB. Space is running out, and I could not figure out where that space hog was...
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    Solved How to set colour of window title bar, Windows 8.1

    Hello everyone Is there a way that I can control the colour of the active window's title bar and border? I've noticed that if I select a solid colour as a desktop background colour, then both the active and inactive windows have a light grey title bar and border. But if I select any picture...
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    HP Tablet: Windows folder = 75% of internal HDD

    Hello everyone My wife's HP tablet with Windows 8.1 has a 20 GB internal drive, and the Windows folder takes up 15 GB. That seems excessive to me. Do you know of a guide or checklist or something about how to reduce the footprint of Windows on the tablet? [Oh, and an awful thing happened...
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    Which update NOT install for Windows 8 on old laptops?

    Hello everyone I'm running Windows 8 (not 8.1) on old laptops, and I've read somewhere on the internet (can't remember where) that certain Windows updates for will stop Windows 8 from working, on old laptops. Does that ring a bell? Sorry I can't be more specific. Have you heard something...
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    How to open file by selecting and pressing ENTER

    Hello everyone I recently installed Windows 8 on a Toshiba Satellite computer. I noticed that I can no longer open files on the Desktop by selecting the file and then pressing ENTER. When I press ENTER in Windows 8, I get a "save file" dialog instead. When I double-click the file, it opens...