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    Robocopy "Skipped" Directories but they weren't

    Hi, Win 8.1 64Bit Pro I'm using RoboCopy to copy files to a different HDD's. (Once/If the copy has successfully completed, I delete the source files.) Anyway, the RC cmd is: RoboCopy "D:\Documentaries" "F:\Documentaries" /E /COPY:DAT /DCOPY:T /Z /MT:4 /R:1 /W:10...
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    Solved Block Windows 10 Upgrade on Win8.x & Win7 PC's

    Hi, For a variety of reasons, such as, no WMC in Win10, I want to block or prevent Windows Update from offering to upgrade all of my PC's; at least in the short term, to Win10. I have 3 desktop PC's running Win8.1 Pro 64bit, 1 running Win7 Ultimate & a Surface Pro 3 running Win8.1 Pro 64bit...
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    Solved System Image Recovery Password Incorrect

    System Image Recovery Password Incorrect - No it's NOT !!! Hi, I'm running Win8.0 Pro 64bit in UEFI mode & I have successfully taken a Windows System Image of my PC in preparation for upgrading to Win8.1. So now I'm testing that I can actually restore my system, so I go to: PC Settings ->...