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  1. TechnoMage

    A question on Windows 8 & 8.1

    I won't take the poll, because I honestly don't know the answer. But I do know that Windows 8.0 was not well accepted by users at large. While 8.1 was. I actually like Win-8.1, and I find it a good upgrade from Win-7. As far as installation goes, it has a MUCH improved Driver Package over...
  2. TechnoMage

    Missing Data Drives randomly (help)

    Two things: If a HD is showing signs of age and possible failure, back up all your data, ASAP, and then begin the process of getting an SSD as a replacement. Then clone your HD to the new SSD. Secondly, know that SATA data cables do go bad. I can't explain how or why....they just do. So...
  3. TechnoMage

    Solved Xcopy strange behaviour? ** Solved **

    Unless one is a real Batchfile Guru, it's helpful to have a printed listing of all the XCOPY switches available while composing the batch file. I also use batch files to back up all my data files (My Documents) to multiple external drives. My command line contains at least six switches, to make...
  4. TechnoMage

    Setup cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file

    Just curious.... isn't there a sticker on the bottom of the Laptop, with the Windows version and Lic Key on it? :cool:
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    Need help getting into old computer

    You don't say where you are, but unless you're on a deserted island somewhere, you probably have a Computer shop within driving distance. Bring it to me, and I'd have that password GONE in less than five minutes. Any respectable Computer Tech will have the "Password Removal Tool". You may need...
  6. TechnoMage

    Issues to boot in to the desktop directly

    I just installed Win-8.1/64/Pro to a new PC today. I did not use a MS Login, and once the OS was installed I immediately installed the "Classic Shell". Then the OS always boots up to the desktop. NO Problemo! That's the way I always do it. Win-8.1 is a very simple OS to install. :cool:
  7. TechnoMage

    Backing up an entire HD

    As a PC Tech, my worse day is when I go out on a service call and find that the HD has crashed and the owner has never made any backup of their data files, for the life of the PC. My first experience with apparent data loss was with an IBM AT PC in an Insurance Co. office. There was a fire and...
  8. TechnoMage

    Windows computer cleaner

    In my career as a Computer tech, I've increased the speed and efficiency of most PC's, especially laptops, by as much as 100% by just doing the most basic maintenance....the things that most people never do. Like deleting all .tmp files, including Temporary Internet Files. I do that before...
  9. TechnoMage

    Please help - trying to fix laptop

    So many questions: What device are you using to post here? What country are you in? (you don't say) "while it was in middle of reset someone unpluged it."??? Does it not have a battery? Otherwise why would unplugging it make it stop? Have you NOT consulted any Professional PC Tech? I ask...
  10. TechnoMage

    New build PC issue (i think)

    It's just typical, that ever since the PSU turns on via a wire from the motherboard, there has to be power on the motherboard, for the power ON switch. My own Gigabyte motherboard has a green LED on it that will stay on even after I Power Down the PC. There is also a very bright Blue LED on...
  11. TechnoMage

    SanDisk announced 400GB MicroSD card for $250

    You and me too! I built my first PC in the early 80's and my initial HD was indeed a Seagate ST-225, 20 Meg half height HD. Through my employer I was able to acquire a Seagate ST-4038, 30 Meg Full Height drive. I didn't see how I could ever fill up a drive of that size. That drive was selling...
  12. TechnoMage

    explorer crashes when i right click a file

    What is the file? And, where did it come from? You're not giving us much to go on. Have you tried copying or moving that file? Do you have a backup copy of the file? Just at first glance, it would appear that the file has an error in it that crashes Windows Explorer. More info please!!! :cool:
  13. TechnoMage

    Microsoft change location of some security updates in May

    Hmmm! I'm curious, if that has anything to do with "WUDO" ???
  14. TechnoMage

    "Chronological" Name Ordering In File Explorer

    Yeah, I remember the horror stories, that came from friends who wanted to add ram to their Trash 80. You almost had to mortgage the farm to buy ram in those early days. :cool:
  15. TechnoMage

    "Chronological" Name Ordering In File Explorer

    If you use only one PC, then maybe re-writing the way the OS does business is OK, but for some of us with multiple PC's, like I have 20 of them, (with several different OS's), then some other gimmick needs to be applied to getting things in the order in which you want them. For instance: I...
  16. TechnoMage

    Computer randomly reboots/shuts down, Kernel-Power error

    To get good answers, it would be very helpful if you would give us the Make, Model and specs of the "computer" in question. In the most general terms, there is no such thing as a "Random" shutdown. The cause is always a very specific condition or group of conditions that exceed approved...
  17. TechnoMage

    Need Help with Cooling Warning on Toshiba Satellite P55W

    You didn't really say, but I'm thinking that your PC is a laptop, right? It should absolutely NEVER be set on any surface but a smooth, clean surface like a table top. Never on a lap, bed, carpet or any such surface. Even so, the cooling fan and it's heat sink fins can get jammed up with...
  18. TechnoMage

    Windows 8.1 Startup Problem

    It that drive were one of the old 80GB SATA I drives, I'd definitely want to just replace it with a new one. But, if it were a top of the line, SATA III with over 500GB of storage capacity, I'd first slave it to another PC (desktop) and get all the data files off of it. Then run a program on...
  19. TechnoMage

    registry or batch file

    Personally..... I never found Windows Time to be reliable, so.... I just disable it and I use an "Atom Time" or "Chronograph" program to sync my system clock to the Bureau of Standards. Cheers Mate! TechnoMage :cool:
  20. TechnoMage

    How to change default icons for folders like .RAR , .ZIP ?

    I tried, but changing the icon for a ZIP file, didn't work for me either. Yeah, the icon for a Zip file or folder is kind of nerdly, but I've learned to live with it, and it does stand out in a crowd. Eh? Cheers mate! TechnoMage :cool: