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  1. Bree

    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    I use XP, W7 and W8.1 as VMs, plus a couple of physical machines on W7, the rest of my machines are running W10. No there are few if any aspects of previous version of W10 that I'd want to go back to. Generally each new version has been an improvement over the previous one. Some notable...
  2. Bree

    complete close store apps

    You can uninstall a Store app. Apps - Uninstall Modern Apps in Windows 8
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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    I hated 8 and avoided it like the plague. The GUI was just too strange and different to get used too. I stuck with Windows 7 for as long as possible. For the minority that took to it, like you, they love it. Unfortunately not enough could cope with W8 for MS to continue with it. I jumped from...
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    Transfer Favorites from IE To Another Browser?

    My personal choice is Firefox, but if you want to stick with Microsoft then the new Chromium based Edge is available for Windows 8.1, that's a nice browser too. You will find Edge listed as an optional update in Windows Update. Both Edge and Firefox can import favorites directly from Internet...
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    What's wrong with my Windows?

    Regardless of whether it now says a clean up is recommended, your DISM RestoreHealth command said it had successfully repaired the component store. That means that you should now be able to restart the PC and run SFC /ScanNow to repair what it could not repair the first time.
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    Strange devices on router

    That is more worrying. You router's table should show whether the devices are currently connected, or just a record of a connection in the past. If they are no longer connected, could it be a device that a visitor may have connected with your or the other person's permission? The Amazon KFAUWI...
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    Strange devices on router

    I presume you mean unrecognised devices appear in Explorer under Network. It's annoying, but not a security problem. Your neighbor's devices like an Amazon Echo announce themselves to the world and may be listed, but they are NOT connected to your network or have any access. You can confirm...
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    Can you upgrade from Win 8 / 8.1 to Win 10 free?

    Glad to hear it went well for you, but it's odd to see this posted on Eight Forums :-) Many of us are also registered over on the sister-site Ten Forums - Windows 10 Help and Support Forum and would be glad to see you over there.
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    Can I reinstall windows 8.1 ISO and digital Key from reliable site to rebuild my system?

    Windows 10 works well on older machines. I have half a dozen machines running W10 without issues. Of those, only two are supported for W10 by their OEM. The others are all ex-W7 machines and are happily using drivers supplied by Microsoft through Windows update.
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    Can I reinstall windows 8.1 ISO and digital Key from reliable site to rebuild my system?

    If the PC was originally supplied with Windows 8/8.1 pre-installed by the OEM then you don't need to buy a key, you already have one. All PCs supplied by the manufacturer with W8/8.1 pre-installed will have an OEM W8/8.1 key embedded in the bios. A clean install with the 8.1 ISO will detect...
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    DISM with DVD?

    Yes. DISM's restorehealth can be run from within your OS when booted normally, just as SFC can, in which case it will have internet access. A restart will be required to complete any file replacements.
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    DISM with DVD?

    You don't need to use a /source option for Dism to repair the system successfully. Without it Dism will download any files it needs from the Microsoft servers. Specifying a source is an optional extra. DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8
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    an very rare error window.cpp, what is it?

    Window.cpp is the name of a source file written in C++ that would have been part of source code used to compile one of your startup programs. The error is reporting a run time error at line 44 of that .cpp file. Unfortunately that doesn't help much. C++ programmers are unimaginative when...
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    Exclusive UEFI Ideapad flex 10 windows 8 re installation.

    This video of a Lenovo Flex 10 says to insert the usb, turn it on, then press and hold the Fn key and keep tapping F12 until you get a one-time boot menu.
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    Disk cleanup took MORE space?!

    No. Windows retains old superseded updates, only deleting them if you tick the box for Windows Update Clean-up in Disk Clean-up. It tells you that the Description displayed below when you select Windows Update Clean-up.
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    OneDrive really private?

    Access is yours to control by setting permissions. Only if you deliberately set it to Public can it be found by anyone. See this tutorial: OneDrive - Share Files and Folders and Change Permissions
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    A Deficiency in Some Browsers

  18. Bree

    A Deficiency in Some Browsers

    This is the simplest way to create a desktop shortcut in Firefox. Create a desktop shortcut to a website | Firefox Help
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    A Deficiency in Some Browsers

    I don't understand what you mean by "...type that into the target box of an Edge, Chrome, or Firefox shortcut". What you should do is right-click on the Desktop, select New > Shortcut then type it into that box. This shortcut will open your default browser at the page you want. I've tested it...