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  1. VBCoder

    How do i make amd radeon 7400M my primary display adapter?

    That's is exactly my case after 14.9 version update
  2. VBCoder

    Solved Did I install a wrong Graphic driver?

    Your question is quite interesting as I confront the same problem. I have DELL Inspiron N4050 and the website mentioned that my Graphics Card is AMD Radeon 7450M while after installing latest Driver from AMD it shows it is Radeon 7400M.
  3. VBCoder

    Installing Network (Wireless) on Kali Linux on Hyper-V VM

    Hi, Does anyone succeed in installing Kali Linux Network connection on Hyper-V VM using external switches? I tried so but the connection icon keeps rolling endlessly until it fails. I have installed before Windows XP and it was quite easy. The problem may be that I'm not experienced with Linux...
  4. VBCoder

    New Update for Windows Phone Preview for Developers

    The only drawback is that it is still has a problem with Cyan update (most a year old phones).
  5. VBCoder

    Solved Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

    Switchable Graphics not working after 14.9 version Hi, Few days ago, Raptr informed me that a newer AMD Catalyst driver is available (14.9). After installing it, switchable graphics issues arises as shown in the below image: I uninstalled the graphics driver using AMD cleanup utility and...