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    Solved Connecting with remote desktop problems

    I've read several posts here and elsewhere and still can't seem to get this problem resolved. I have two computers running Windows 8.1 on my network, one is my main PC and the other is a HTPC in the living room. On the HTPC I am logged into a local account named Bob and I have a few programs...
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    Solved Weather app not accurate?

    Can't really point to a specific date where it seemed to quit working, but my weather app generally shows temperatures about 10-15 degrees colder than reality. Tried refreshing, changing my location and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app without success. Worse thing is going to bing...
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    How to stop apps from starting with Windows?

    Just noticed that the maps and reader apps launch themselves when I start my computer and run as background processes in task manager. There are no apps or any programs for that matter enabled in startup and I have not opened these apps so can anyone give me an idea how to prevent them from...
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    Win 8.1 64 bit file explorer won't refresh

    I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 this week and have a fully updated installation now with minimal programs installed. My problem is this, I have my downloads folder set to sort files by date created, from newest to oldest so I can easily find my newest downloads as they should be at the top...
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    Solved Problem pinning Update to start menu

    Hi there. I'm running Windows 8 Pro with Start8 and wanted to pin Windows update to the start menu so I wouldn't have to open the control panel and scroll down to open the update window. I was able to right click on the link in the control panel to pin it to the start menu but for some reason...
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    Problem with wireless keyboard multimedia buttons

    Hi all. I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard that sits about 6 inches away from the dongle sensor, fresh batteries and a week old install of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit edition. My problem is this, the multimedia keys on the keyboard will work on and off, sometimes running perfectly and others as if...