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    Access to USB on router stopped working

    Hi, I don't use win8.1 much, but an ASUS tablet all up to date 8.1 used to be able to access the USB drive on our TP-Link router. Just tried and this and it is a bit weird. Clicking "Network" in File Explorer shows the router, "TP-Link..." If I click on it I get the Diagnostic thing which say...
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    How to over-ride level control.

    The noise is generally a steady hum within a small bandwidth. Thinking about it, the music recorder is expecting peaks to 12K+ and lows of 10Hz whereas the motor probably never exceeds a spread of maybe 500Hz at whatever center-frequency the hum is. Also probably explains the levelling windows...
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    How to over-ride level control.

    Thanks for the reply, I'll see if an old headset mic will do it. The problem with the tablet will be battery life as it does not have OTG charging. But if I can find an old headset here that plugs into headphone jack, I can then use the charger. But the headset I am thinking of is a USB one...
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    How to over-ride level control.

    Win8.1, two different devices (i5-laptop (borrowed), Atom-Tablet) both do the same. I am trying to record a motor running so I can find if it is making harsh noises. I set the recorder running and on the motor initial start the level is good and plays back clearly but after a few seconds it...
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    Disable Plug and Play (PnP) device

    Hi, I need to disable the Ethernet device ion win8.1 so that it always only uses WiFi. I can't just unplug the RJ45 as it is a dual boot PC and the other OS needs the Network. I tried using the Network Center to set the Ethernet as Disabled. On reboot win8.1 enabled it again itself. I then...
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    Never thought I'd need win8.1 again - but...

    Thanks, but it will not run in Wine either. I'll see if I can do the download at the local Library. It will mean sitting at the almost static screen for 1-1/2 hours.
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    Never thought I'd need win8.1 again - but...

    Hi All, Some months back I installed Ubuntu on my faithful old Acer V5, formerly win8.1-x64. I now need to install 8.1 as some commercial software I use about twice a year only comes in windows flavor. I have shrunk up the Partitions and made an 80G hole for windows, but now I cannot find an...
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    How to get Security-Updates to current level

    Win8.1 ASUS M80TA x86 tablet. I have just reinstalled win8.,1 from the Media Creation Tool. I have a clean install and most of the files just installed are dated 11/21/2014. Now what's the best plan to get just security updates installed? Msoft says that anyone who has used a full Rollup...
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    Solved How do I install these drivers?

    Thanks, but we are seeing different things I guess. Here's what I get and I just noticed, it assumes the download has failed. Solved -- see it below the pic. But moot as I figured a way around it by brute force. I opened the Device Manager and then did "Update Driver" and pointed it at the...
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    Solved How do I install these drivers?

    Hi, just did a new install of 8.1-pro on an old Surface Pro 2 using the media download tool. I went to the msoft site ...and downloaded the "" I...
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    Wifi printer stopped working

    I have Brother wifi printer that I installed in win8.1 about a year back and it has been working fine. In the Devices and Printers in Control Panel, it shows as OK, as default, but not ready. And, sure enough, it does not print to it. I tried everything I could think of to make it print as...
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    8.1 not always auto-connecting to wifi

    I have two wifi APs (let's say AP-1 and AP-2) and I sometimes have to switch from one to the other. The AP-1 is my main AP so it is always set with "Connect Automatically" for boot up. But, a lot of the time it does not connect to either AP on boot. When I need to use AP-2, I select AP-1 and...
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    F12 boot menu, second monitor- possible?

    Hi, I have an Acer laptop with win8.1 dual boot with Ubuntu 14LTS. When used at home it is sitting at the side of my desk using a USB-3-hub for external mouse and keyboard plus network and I have a 23" monitor plugged into the HDMI port. At start up I tap the F12 (external keyboard works fine)...
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    How to find an IP address of remote router

    I know, I should have written it down. :) I have a small (HooToo) wired router as an AP in the lounge for the TV/Push2TV etc. I cannot remember the static IP address I gave it. I know the subnet and gateway for the entire network and I used to have a direct link to the HooToo in my browser...
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    Bare two-drive bay - wanted

    Thanks, but I had read all the reviews and there are several contentious issues between 2LUN JBOD, as well as a possible issue with the box needing to format the drives on install. I have 850Gb of stuff on the drives and do NOT want that wiped out at the press of a button. :)
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    Bare two-drive bay - wanted

    Thanks, I too would go for the new for the few extra bucks. BUT, I jumped too soon as after reading more it seems it may already be a SOC-NAS system since it can be set for RAID modes etc by holding down the reset button at start up. I need a basic USB drives as they are VeraCrypt drives managed...
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    Bare two-drive bay - wanted

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for providing it includes the power supply, but the statement, "box contents may vary" is a caution. Open Box: Rosewill Transclosure RX200R-APU3-25B External Hard Drive Enclosure - Dual Slots for 2 x 2.5" SATA SSDs / HDDs with RAID 0 / 1 & JBOD / 2 LUN...
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    Bare two-drive bay - wanted

    I am looking for a low-cost NAS-like, USB connected box that is just the bare SATA guts with external power for two 2.5" drives in the one box. I bought two 1TB drives at a great price but they either need one of the two-USB to one cables or a powered enclosure. Currently running them from a...
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    External hard disk, bootable

    I am not sure that I fully understand what you have or are trying to do, but windows will not boot from a removable drive. It's a msoft issue.
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    Camera app launches after screen saver

    Oops, forgot to say that when it is plugged in and running on power as it is most days for 7-9 hours.