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    Program No Longer Works Until I Create A New User Account:

    I Do Not Know If This Should Go In Software, Users, Or Both: There are times when programs (in this case, Free Download Manager) does not work any more but if I create a new user account it works again. How do I get the program to function correctly again in my original account on the same...
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    Alternative CHKDSK R A.K.A. Scanning And Repairing Drive C:?

    I remember CHKDSK R would always have a detailed information about what ever drive it is repairing. Even the drive with the Operating System. But they got rid of that and instead replaced it with a scary looking "Scanning And Repairing Drive C:" that does not give much information. The little...
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    Why Was Sound Not Working?

    There was a problem with Windows 8 HP Laptop. VLC had no sound. YouTube had no playback. No sound at all. Proably not video either. Device Manager said everything functioning properly. I changed the volume controls with the speaker icon, internal keyboard, USB keyboard, to make sure it was not...