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    Solved internet Explorer 10 Desktop 'Windows Problem Reporting'

    At least now the pc works fine !!! :)
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    Suggest me a book please !!!

    Hello to everyone. I want to start reading English books in order to practise more on the English language and learning new vocabulary. My Question is simple. I want a book, which will be simple to read. (simple english words that anyone can understand). I like police stories, mysteries...
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    W8 free upgrade --will it be retail or full of "Vendors rubbish"

    yes, but all these rubbish slows down the pc ...
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    Internet Explorer 10

    Hm, I cannot find any logical explanation. Take a look what is happening with magnet links to me.
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    Internet Explorer 10

    Personally I have not any problems regarding magnet links in Windows 8 RTM. IE 10 asks me with which program I want to open these links, I select mtorrent and everything works fine. Which version of Windows 8 are you currently using?
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    Solved internet Explorer 10 Desktop 'Windows Problem Reporting'
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    Solved Considering purchasing Windows 8 upon UK release.

    Btw check the programs you are currently using in Windows 7 for compatibility issues with Windows 8. I think that this is another factor you must take into consideration before buying the software. astrolobos
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    Can't start Windows and can't get into Windows

    Does your pc give any error codes?
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    Game> Statistics > Reset. astrolobos
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    Solved Considering purchasing Windows 8 upon UK release.

    I advice you to buy and use Windows 8 as your main OS. It's incredibly fast and easy to use, even with the mouse. You don't need a touchscreen to use it, so you have not to spend more money buying one. If you have any further questions, let us know and we will help you. BTW I am very happy...
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    Metro glitch?

    Try refreshing windows 8 ... astrolobos
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    Solved Quick Question..

    Yes, it is.
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    Dual boot:Everytime I use win 8,win 7 activation is lost.

    ddinc Windows 8 is set as the default OS at dual boot with Windows 7. After the dual boot installation, restart your pc, and you will be able to select what OS you would like to start when you turn on the pc. As for Win 7 activation, what do you exactly mean?. I didn't understand. Btw what...