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    Homegroup preventing access to directories

    Hi, I have a similar problem as in this thread. I was getting some help from another networking forum, but we were not able to solve it. The problem is, from those helping is that the Homegroup premissions is preventing access to the NAS directories. The NAS can be seen as well as access the...
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    IP Routing with DynamicIP ?

    Can you setup IP Routing with a Dynamic IP ?
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    I want to install Visual Studio SDK and Emulators

    I want to install Visual Studio SDK and Emulators, I keep getting informed I need to have Hyper-V in my BIOS enabled, which I have enabled and that I need to be running Windows 8.1 Pro, which I'm also running, why isn't it installing ?
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    Windows 8.1 - Explorer Crashes then Restarts

    I have a problem that started yesterday. Every 30 seconds Windows Explorer (not the browser) crashes, then restarts. I run Xmarks within FireFox, I thought this was the problem because Xmarks as of yesterday asks me every 40 seconds if I want to sync my bookmarks, if I choose cancel, Windows...
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    Background Host Crash - Numerous times a day

    Hi, for the past week or two, almost twelve times a day. I'll get an error background task host crashed ? I searched for a solution, couldn't find one that was specific to the problem. Windows8 is updated I can't see what it could be ?
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    Image Thumbnails no longer visible ?

    I can't tell you when it happened, it has been going on for the past few weeks. I can no longer see the thumbnails of images within Windows Explorer. I've searched and searched for a solution and this was the solution I found which clones it's self multiple times across other sites, it didn't...