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    gmail blocks from computer

    all of a sudden i cannot send or receive gmail from my email client on the computer. This happens with both our computers on our home network. if we go to the google home page and sign in to gmail from there it works fine, but not on our email clients. Also from my galaxy android cellphone i...
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    have very slow page access and other problems Whats wrong?

    lately i have had agonizingly slow page access and picture and PDF loads. I am running 8.1 its only access to certain pages and it takes forever for some to load about the same time i started to have this problem i also started having problems with my windows live mail. when i try to...
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    page loading slow and other problems whats wrong?

    lately i have been having problems with my win 8.1 computer page access all of a sudden is extremely slow and pictures on pages take forever to load have had similar problems with pdf files I month or so ago i thought one of the windows updates for the month was causing the problem and...
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    Kindle for PC font change

    I have a PC i am currently running windows 8 on. I have Kindle For PC installed. (latest version) I also have a samsung galaxy tab 2.7 tablet (wifi only) and a brand new Samsung Galaxy s4 smartphone I have the kindle books i use the most delivered to each of these devices My S4 nicely...