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    Windows 8 Advertisements/commercials

    How do you guys feel about the Advertisements/commercials for windows 8? I like the TV commercials or video commercials. I'm not a fan of the print advertisements such as posters and such. In the posters for their "logo" all they have is Microsoft spelled out in the segoe font. Granted that IS...
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    Creating the want for windows 8

    So I was thinking since a lot of people have strong opinions on loving, hating it, mixed or just don't care. What do you think would create a want for windows 8? Or for windows in general? I think for me a good way is to create better programs/ or metro apps for the touch based users. They also...
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    Internet Explorer 10 for windows 7?

    Does anyone know when IE 10 will arrive on windows 7? I was hoping it would be released with windows 8 but I guess not.
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    windows 8 tablet portrait mode

    Don't know if any of you has bought windows 8 tablets but for those of you that have how has the portrait mode been for you? I keep seeing windows 8 videos of users using it in landscape(not that there is anything wrong with that but just not my own preference) Since I haven't saw a windows 8...
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    RTM Windows 8 Portait mode

    Soon I guess we'll all be able to experience it but does anyone have windows 8 installed on a tablet and can comment on the portrait mode? Vertical viewing to me is more ideal on a tablet. From what I saw from the video about portait view it doesn't seem the transition is that well done...
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    Are there any updates to windows media player for the RTM?

    Has there been any updates to the windows media player for the RTM version? This thing should have been updated centuries ago. I'm sure some people might use other programs but for people without internet or knowledge that there are other programs out there they should update this player. Not a...
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    Windows 8 RTM apps updated?

    So for the RTM users out there have the apps been updated? The music app and such? Is it still green like xbox?
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    How is font management in the RTM?

    So I haven't been able to run the RTM since well I can't even get this one to work and I heard that it expires sooner or such. Anyway I'm wondering if they had made any changes in the font management of windows in the latest release. It's been one of the biggest issues I have with windows is how...
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    Connecting to WPA2-Personal

    I just set up my new router and while my laptops with windows 7 are easily connected with ability to provide just the pass-code I cannot even do this at all on my windows 8 desktop. I cannot right click or anything on my wireless connection. I create a new one and it says the stuff doesn't match...
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    Solved Metro Internet Explorer

    Maybe it's just me but I went to the metro start screen to try out the metro internet explorer but I don't see the icon and I searched for it but only the desktop version exists it seems. Anyone know how to get the metro internet explorer or know why it isn't installed? I didn't uninstall anything.
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    Is metro app built with the same technology as the windows phone apps?

    Is metro apps built on the same technology as the windows phone apps? I heard Metro apps are built with html or something and is not the same technology as the windows phone apps but just wanted to make sure. If it's not that also seems like a bad idea as transitioning a windows phone app to a...
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    Will we get a more finalized version of windows 8?

    So since they gave us a consumer preview are they going to give us a change to try out the more finalized version of windows 8 in the future? Or do we have to sign up for something? Or is it not happening at all?
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    Does the camera app work in windows 8 consumer preview?

    Does the camera app actually work in windows 8 consumer preview?
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    Pioneer Studios closing and Microsoft Courier becoming iPad app

    I don't know if this is the right place to discuss but I'm sad to see the innovative team behind some of the more interesting Microsoft products being closed down. So now I don't even know if they will even come out with any more innovative products. One of my favorite ideas from Microsoft...
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    Internet Explorer 9... Thoughts?

    So I've been using the beta of Internet explorer 9 and now I downloaded the Release Candidate. After really using it...I find it's still quite horrible. There I said it. I really want Microsoft to do better, but they just are not delivering. Reading all those stuff about the how it's showing the...