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    Windows Start Menu Background: Custom Background

    Hey guys, finally found my way back here and looking for some little help. :cool: Before you quickly fire a reply, I know, how to get to the customization options or how to set the same background I have on my Desktop for the Start Menu, but what I want to achieve is to have a different...
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    C5 Current Pending Sector Count & HDD Cloning

    Hello guys, as the title of the topic says, I was wondering, how risky is to clone a HDD, which has the "C5 error"? Before saying, I should just throw away this damaged HDD and do a clean reinstall, which could be a straightforward solution, know, that I'm looking for an option to transfer 1:1...
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    MAX_PATH & External HDD(s)

    Hello, I was just wondering about 1 simple thing: does the MAX_PATH (260 chars limit) also apply for external hard disks? Or should it or shouldn't it? For me, it seems to only give me this error, when copying to my PC's internal HDD, so I'm just trying to find out, if everything is, as it...
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    IPv4 vs. IPv6 Default For Windows 8.1?

    Hello, I wanted to ask a simple question, Windows 8.1 prefers by default which of those protocols, IPv4 or IPv6? I got a new PC, Win 8.1 and was getting tons of ERR_NAME_NOT RESOLVED or DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. First, I thought, it was die to a not very nice WiFi USB antenna, but after buying a...
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    Folder Pictures Customization On Shared Disc Broken?

    Hello, I had some great experience with the, so I figured, I'd give this a shot. When you have a folder and the view is set as "Large Icons", then you place an image, .jpg in that folder, the folder uses that .jpg as its thumbnail background, then you place some more files into...