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  1. ionbasa

    Microsoft to Fix Blurry Text Bug in Windows 8.1 RTM – Rumo

    Same thing happens to me if I am signed out. BTW I am using Chrome Beta when this happens. EDIT: I think it only happens if you have Windows 8.1 like both of us do.
  2. ionbasa

    Windows Phones open to hackers connecting to rogue Wi-Fi

    Your probably better off using WPA 2 with AES. WPA1 is known to be brute forced easily* in not using at least a 13 digit random key combination. * This usually only applies in LAB oriented studies where multiple clusters of GPUs can crack WPA1 keys.
  3. ionbasa

    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Brink, you should probably remove the "AMD Catalyst OpenGL 4.3 Beta Driver" as full open GL 4.3 support has been added to the "13.8 Windows Beta Driver" Via change-log here: AMD Catalyst
  4. ionbasa

    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    AMD Catalyst™ OpenGL 4.3 Beta Driver AMD Catalyst Last Updated 7/22/2013
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    Windows tablets tank, account for only 1 percent of Web...

    New products take time to become established in the market, the windows tablet is just an example of this. Over time as hardware and software improvements are made , along with pushing "ads" on tv/internet/radio and promotions the windows tablet should be a success.
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    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    New AMD Catalyst™ Windows® 8.1 Preview Driver, Last Updated 7/9/2013 AMD Catalyst
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    Solved BSOD trying to update to Windows 8.1

    Okay. Thanks. I believe that I was running the AMD BETA driver which would explain why it would be caused AMD Catalyst. I was not overclocking as this is an laptop, but yes the "Overdrive" feature is present in AMD CCC. As for the WiFi, it occasionally does give me trouble when windows starts...
  8. ionbasa

    Solved BSOD trying to update to Windows 8.1

    Hi, I managed to install 8.1 after a clean install of eight. Although it would be much appreciated to know what was causing my previous issues encase it is a specific driver that should be updated.
  9. ionbasa

    Microsoft: You Won’t Need a Clean Install to Move to W8.1

    Download Windows 8.1 Preview - Microsoft Windows Select the "get the update" button, and install the KB. Then It will show in the store. Also this will not work with Volume License and Enterprise editions, in that case you have to use the .iso
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    Windows 8.1 preview ISO's to be released by Microsoft

    Has anyone had problems during the update? Specifically when using the .iso? The reason I ask is because the update BSODs for me during the final stage of "setting up devices".
  11. ionbasa

    Solved BSOD trying to update to Windows 8.1

    Some more info: When trying to do the upgrade the process bsods with "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" After the restart the upgrade fails with the following error code: 0xc1900101-0x4000d
  12. ionbasa

    Solved BSOD trying to update to Windows 8.1

    Today I tried to update my Windows 8 PRO /WMC to Windows 8.1 I am running the VL edition as Windows 8 as it was installed from the IT department at my university. The dumps don't have anything recent in there, but im may be related to why I cannot update to 8.1 ( using the iso). Thanks...
  13. ionbasa

    Windows Blue - small look at leaked build 9364

    Well, can't all the items that were in the menu be accessed through the file explorer? Personally I find the file explorer easier to use than the start menu, I run multiple AutoCAD software and computer algebra software, which populates the start menu on windows 7. With the Modern UI I like...
  14. ionbasa

    Windows Blue - small look at leaked build 9364

    So we're sticking with modern UI? Personally I am not that bothered by it ... Although it could be a Service pack instead of a new OS entirely.
  15. ionbasa

    Lock Brightness settings?

    Thanks, but wouldn't it still be changeable using the function keys on the keyboard?
  16. ionbasa

    Lock Brightness settings?

    Well, I have installed Windows 8 on my laptop, but was wondering if there is a way to lock the screen brightness. The reason being is that family members constantly mess with the brightness and sometimes leave it at 100% when using the battery. I basically want to extend the life of the battery...
  17. ionbasa

    BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

    I don't believe so, I thought each OEM has a specific key, which was then activated by Microsoft, and a unique check scum of the hardware/OS/UEFI was stored in the OS when being activated online or through the phone.
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    Mobile Networks In Windows 8

    Microsoft Talks About Mobile Networks In Windows 8
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    Today I officially got winter break, this gives me allot more time to be active on here and on 7 forums!