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  1. ionbasa

    Solved BSOD trying to update to Windows 8.1

    Today I tried to update my Windows 8 PRO /WMC to Windows 8.1 I am running the VL edition as Windows 8 as it was installed from the IT department at my university. The dumps don't have anything recent in there, but im may be related to why I cannot update to 8.1 ( using the iso). Thanks...
  2. ionbasa

    Lock Brightness settings?

    Well, I have installed Windows 8 on my laptop, but was wondering if there is a way to lock the screen brightness. The reason being is that family members constantly mess with the brightness and sometimes leave it at 100% when using the battery. I basically want to extend the life of the battery...
  3. ionbasa

    Mobile Networks In Windows 8

    Microsoft Talks About Mobile Networks In Windows 8
  4. ionbasa

    Case Art

    so for all of you that burned the win 8 .7850 build, lets all share case art! Ill start with 2!
  5. ionbasa

    Solved VIP Members

    So why are there some peple listed as VIP Members? I know theyare from Seven Forum, and I hapen to be from SF too, but im still making myself up into the ranks. I now see that i am a member Thank you to whoever implemented this.