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  1. mbratch

    Solved File History Does Nothing

    Hello I've used Windows 8 File History for awhile to backup my laptop to my server. In the last few months, it simply stopped working. It's on (enabled) and it says the last history was done 5/21/2013. If I click "Run now", it seems to run for a few seconds, then completes (no messages other...
  2. mbratch

    PSA: How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data

    How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data - Slashdot Just another reason it's always good to have a backup. :)
  3. mbratch

    Forbes: Microsoft Still Can't Find Its Future

    Interesting article, but doesn't properly present the potential up-sides for Microsoft. I think they're a more robust company than is portrayed by the article, but they do have their challenges ahead. Microsoft Still Can't Find Its Future. Is It Too Late for the Company? - Forbes
  4. mbratch

    Add a device to see photos - prompts for MS account?

    Under the Photos app, if I click on the "Add a device to see photos" it won't let me continue unless I login to a MS online account. Why? It also wants MS login if I want to add my Facebook photos. Again, why? Why can't I just login to my FB account and access the photos?
  5. mbratch

    Photo "Set As" "Application Background"

    Photo "Set As" "Application Background" - does what? Just a dumb question: what does this operation do? When in the photos application, select a picture. Then right click. There's a "Set as" button. You click that and there are a couple of choices. One is "Application Background". What is that...
  6. mbratch

    Login (not lock) Screen Background

    What was Microsoft thinking when they not only made this login (not the lock) background image impossible for a user, using normal means, to change, but also stuck the user with the most hideous looking stock images (those cartoonish images of Seattle, etc)? I finally found different sites that...
  7. mbratch

    Solved IE in Metro Mode versus Desktop Mode

    OK, I was fooling around with IE 10 and at some point it got into a state where it only starts in desktop mode. I followed some directions for how to select the mode, but my mode choice is greyed out for some reason. Any idea why?
  8. mbratch

    Solved Horizontal scroll not working

    Hi - I recently purchased an HP ProBook 4540s laptop with Windows 8 64-bit installed. I have the touchpad set up to do two-finger vertical and horizontal scrolling/panning. It basically works. However, some apps don't. For example, I went to the Metro app store and downloaded a cookbook...