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  1. Frank1

    Can't log in on Windows 10 forum

    I tried to log in on Windows 10 forum but it keeps telling me that I entered wrong pass word or user name. I know I had they were right and I tried several times but the same thing. I then log in to Windows 8 forum and here I am. I went back to 10 but no change.
  2. Frank1

    Need a reply

    Would someone just reply to this so I can see if I get an email notification. On the 10 forum I haven't gotten a notification for several weeks--maybe months. So I want to see if it's the same on 8 forum. So if you don't mind just reply and I'll see if I get it. Thanks
  3. Frank1

    normal.dotm problem

    I have windows 8.1 and using MS Office 2007. Lately Word sometimes opens slowly and shuts down slowly. From my understanding this is sometimes caused by a corrupt file (or in my case the file is normal.dotm). It is also my understanding the way to fix this is to rename or delete the...
  4. Frank1

    Virtual machine

    I have a laptop which is my main computer with Windows 8.1. My desktop has Windows 7. I was thinking about putting the beta version of 10 on a virtual machine on my desktop. But I read somewhere that it should not go on a virtual machine and that I should just install it over Windows 7 on my...
  5. Frank1

    Keeping old stuff

    I still have my floppy disks with DOS 6.2.2. I can think of no use whatsoever to keep then, but I still do. I don't know why. Anybody else like me out there?
  6. Frank1

    Solved Link not working right

    When I'm on a web site that has a link that says"Contact me" or other such words and I click on that link this iswhat it brings up. I think it started happening since I've installed Windows 8.The only way I can contact the person is to right-click and select "viewsource" where I can see the...
  7. Frank1

    Sheriff dept. still using XP

    Here it is March 19 and only a short time to go before MS stops the updates for XP. This morning I read in our local paper that the Sheriff dept. is asking for funds to update their computers as they are still using XP. The principal law enforcement in the county and they wait this long to ask...
  8. Frank1

    Start button is back

    I have Windows 8.1 installed and today I discovered that theStart button is back. I do not know how or when it happened but I now have thestart button and it is exactly like the one on Windows 7. A few days ago therewere some updates which I installed so I suppose it came down with that. I...
  9. Frank1


    I have an HP desktop running Win 8.1. I am having no problems but the last couple of weeks when I start up my computer I get the following message: "There was a problem starting. C/users/Frank/appdatta/local/conduit/Backgroundcontainer/backgroundcontainer.dll. The specified module could not be...
  10. Frank1

    Solved how to disable transparency

    I have Windows 8.1 and when I'm on the desktop it has that Windows transparency which I don't like. Is there a way to disable it?
  11. Frank1

    Solved Need a good email client

    I have Windows 8.1 with Office 2007 installed. I therefore use office outlook for my email. I've been having some problems with it lately and ready to try a different email client. Can anyone suggest a good one to use where I won't have to change me email address and still has a spell checker?
  12. Frank1

    Solved Running Malwarebytes in Win 8.1

    I realize that the Pro version of Malwarebytes should not be running on Windows 8 if you have Windows Defender running. But am I correct in understanding that there will be no problem with the free version of Malwarebytes since it does not have a firewall?
  13. Frank1

    Solved shared printer won't print issue

    My desktop PC has Windows 7 64 bit and my laptop has Windows 8.1 64 bit. I have two printers connected to my desktop. I am setup for a home network and my modem and router are connected to my desktop. I have my desk top set up to share file and my printers are set up to share. Everything was...
  14. Frank1

    Solved Pink border around apps

    The border around my apps is pink. Is there a way I can change the color?
  15. Frank1

    Solved Computer icon on desktop

    I have always liked to have the Computer icon on my desktop. I was able to do it with Windows 8, but I cannot find a way to do it with 8.1. Does anyone know if there is a way--even if I have to do it in the registry?
  16. Frank1

    Solved Search feature in 8.1

    I am surprised at how fast the search feature is in 8.1. As I understand, it will only search files that it has indexed. But I have some files that have been indexed but it still can't find one of which is outlook.pst. The path of the file is C:\Users\Frank\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. I do...
  17. Frank1

    Solved edit HTML

    Since I installed 8.1, I can no longer edit HTML with note pad. Is there a way to set IE 11 to use note pad?
  18. Frank1

    Annoying pop up at corner of screen

    In Windows 8.1, we have that very annoying thing that pops up in the corner that tells you something about moving the curser in the corner. Is there a way to get rid of it?
  19. Frank1

    Solved Installing Windows 8

    I was having problems with my HP laptop which is 2 years old. So I just did a recovery and put it back to the original factory. It seems to be working fine. The next thing I want to do is installing Windows 8. I have the CD for 8 which I purchased from Staples when it first came out. Since my...
  20. Frank1

    Solved right click on computer icon

    On windows 7 if I right-click on the computer icon, it gives me all kinds of information. It tells me the type of processor, amount of memory, amount of RAM, etc. That does not happen on windows 8. What can I do to get that information on 8?