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    Solved BSOD on Dell XPS 13 9Q33: Alps Pointing Drawing 12C Driver

    Update April 30 2015 for Alps Pointing Drawing 12C HID Driver. Dell XPS 13 9Q33 Windows 8.1. Intel I7, 8GB. SSD. Took me a while to figure this was the culprit. Caused System Service Exception on re-start. No logs available.
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    Adobe 1321 Error Messages

    Folks - there are scattered references all over the net regarding error message 1321 when attempting to update Adobe products. In my case, I was trying to update Acrobat Pro X. Most of the solutions involve changing security permissions in the various Adobe folders. This simply results in yet...
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    Solved Cannot log-in to other accounts at boot-up or switch users

    There are other threads on this but none have provided a resolution to my problem. Running the users check indicates the administrator account exists. However, I cannot select any users except my standard windows user on boot-up, nor can I switch users from the start center, as there are no...