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  1. Vertex

    Move from Windows 8 to 8.1 NOW!!!

    I am yet to try the method of editing the ei.cfg file. I want some client to hand me a laptop with Windows 8 as the preinstalled OS, I'd revert it to factory settings and if Windows 8 becomes usable, I'd try to extract its legal license key, backup the drivers and do a clean install of Windows...
  2. Vertex

    Move from Windows 8 to 8.1 NOW!!!

    HOODY, I suggest you patiently read this whole article: How to Perform a Clean Install of Windows 8.1 With a Windows 8 Key Something in there says that you have to modify your ei.cfg file inside your Windows 8.1 ISO so that it allows you to use a Windows 8 license key for Windows 8.1.
  3. Vertex

    Move from Windows 8 to 8.1 NOW!!!

    Many Windows 8 users simply won't upgrade to Windows 8.1 simply because they are not aware that this is any sort of issue at all. Many of them bought their machines with 8 preinstalled and are forced to deal with it, combine that with the fact that they are not technical and don't know how to...
  4. Vertex

    One Drive .. 100 GB free

    I logged in to Onedrive using Chrome, and there was no noticeable change except he name change from Skydrive to Onedrive. My free space remains the same and since my account is 5 years old, I could not get the 100GB bonus. My storage remains at 25GBs. That blows it man big time. Not making this...
  5. Vertex

    Microsoft: More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold

    Yeah, MS should have released an SP2 of Windows 7 with some of the good bits of Windows 8 included but they will NEVER do that because that would mean a further sign of defeat. And OEMs should do their best to make their machines as easy to fix as possible. Secure Boot was more secure but its a...
  6. Vertex

    Microsoft: More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold

    You know its still a pain for me to open a Windows 8 laptop. I troubleshooted two of them in the last 4 months with the later one just being last Wednesday. Being mostly on Windows 7 myself, the useless lock screen is just a hindrance everytime you are supposed to login and since its Windows 8...
  7. Vertex

    SkyDrive: New "OneDrive" name, same great service

    Legal battle or not, Skydrive still sounds better to me. I've been using it for years. Its on the "Sky" because its a "cloud" service. I get the logic behind renaming it to ONEdrive because that means its one place to store and synchronize your data across devices but does "one" sound so few...
  8. Vertex

    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    Last November, I helped someone buy a new Windows 8 laptop with no touch screen. I could say, they would have been far more lost with that machine if I had not installed Classic Shell in it, particularly in the way you search for files, folder and programs (never mind the search on the Charms...
  9. Vertex

    Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming

    You make a good point. Not only does the market not move as fast as the computer world, application compatibility issues are always there to make or break a new operating system and if MS releases 3 versions of Windows 8.x in less than 3 years, there would be no surprise if outcries of legacy...
  10. Vertex

    Windows 7 outpacing Windows 8 adoption, shows latest fig.

    It still is rather unfriendly for my eye to see any PC's or laptop with Windows 8 that doesn't have Classic Shell. I can imagine so many of those average Joe's struggling to find their programs and files on the first few days or weeks using it. A lot of these guys just bought laptops and...
  11. Vertex

    Surface Pro 2 will be announced in NYC on Sept 23

    I think MS should only make a few of these devices at first to be used as bait then they would just increase production if the demand takes off. They don't wanna make the same mistake they did on the first generation of Surface RTs by having so many of them built , most of which are still left...
  12. Vertex

    Windows 8.1 RTM Released to MSDN & Technet

    Something happened? What a dumb way to say an error. It would have been better if only the smaller message below was left there and written with bigger font. Simply saying "activation failed" or "error on activation" would have been more intelligent to say than "something happened" that could...
  13. Vertex

    Goodbye Windows 8, hello Windows 8.1

    The stuff that "is still there, but now a little harder to find" includes the safe boot option and Adhoc networking too. I just hate the stripping away thing they've been doing recently. If they haven't stripped away a number of features present on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 would have been in all...
  14. Vertex

    Goodbye Windows 8, hello Windows 8.1

    My question for 8.1 is why was WEI, the Libraries and the native drive imaging utility were removed when they were still on Windows 8 when those are useful features that pose no harm? Otherwise 8.1 would in all aspects (except privacy because of the integrated Bing search feature) will be better...
  15. Vertex

    Goodbye Windows 8, hello Windows 8.1

    I love the new speed and responsiveness of 8 but it not much of an issue with high end machines but besides that, I was upset with a lot of other things. Mounting of ISOs is not really that of a big deal if you have freeware like 7-zip that can open ISOs anyway. But in another case, the taking...
  16. Vertex

    September 2013 Internet Explorer Updates

    I'm updating to this now using Windows Update. I'm doing it manually since I disabled automatic updating. I can't seem to read if this is just more of a security update but I would want maybe a stability update as well cause my IE 10 is still a bit buggy, especially on Facebook where its not...
  17. Vertex

    Microsoft to buy Nokia's Devices and Services unit

    I firmly disagree. MS would be too stupid to abandon developing desktop operating systems which got them to where they are now, in place of phones and tablets only. That would infuriate the market and the enterprises but its clear that it would take much more for them to give up on phones and...
  18. Vertex

    Photos on SkyDrive get smarter with Bing-powered OCR

    I haven't yet read the article but will do that later. I'll just have to say that this OCR is actually a great feature as there are a number of occasions that I need to extract text from images. The pictures I have back uped on Skydrive are not those with texts anyway.
  19. Vertex

    Microsoft warns Windows XP users risk 'zero day forever'

    The main thing I despise about the Registry is that dead keys, broken keys and other orphaned or obsolete components left in there seem to cause performance degradation on the computer overtime and cause certain things to go wrong and a lot of malware target it as well. Even Windows 7 and 8 are...
  20. Vertex

    Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

    I demoed a Windows 8 laptop with a 15" wide touchscreen monitor the other day and it was horrible on the desktop because the buttons on Windows Explorer were too small for me to pin with great ease and I hate the fact that they added ribbon UI on Windows Explorer too. Even when I tried to close...