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  1. Mystere

    Windows 8: Never uses all of my memory

    Memory usage is probably one of the most misunderstood things about Windows. It's, of course, not helped by the fact that there are so many different kinds of memory reports, and these reports are often deceptive if you don't understand how they are calculated or what they mean. First, Windows...
  2. Mystere

    re-install win 8. what is uefi and do i need it

    UEFI is a replacement for the old BIOS. The old BIOS was extremely limited, and was stuck in a tiny amount of memory, and a text-only display with standard dos-like interrupts. It could only use MBR partitions, with a maximum of 4 partitions and 2TB of maximum addressability of 2TB. UEFI is...
  3. Mystere

    Solved Defrag on SSD

    Sorry to raise this from the dead, but... It turns out we were all wrong. Windows *intentionally* defrags SSD's once per month in order to improve performance, because there are several key data structures that, even on an SSD can get fragmented and cause issues. There's more about this...
  4. Mystere

    8.1 kills or shuts down programs

    Works 6 is pretty darn old.. What you describe sounds like the app just crashing. Chances are, it has a bug in it that isn't compatible with Windows 8.x. Try right clicking on the Works application icon, then going to Properties. Then switch to the compatibility tab. Click the Run...
  5. Mystere

    Windows takes 1m 20s to load startup items

    Have you tried disabling all your startup items, then re-measuring startup? Then adding items back one at a time to find out what is slow?
  6. Mystere

    Windows Explorer - from search results to normal navigatio

    I'm sorry, I don't understand.... I told you how to do what you want... You won't get into that tree if you do what I suggest in the first place. Don't double click on the item, right click and choose the folder location right away. If you do double click, just click the back button and go...
  7. Mystere

    Worlds most popular OS Redesigned -Dual Boots with Win 8 !

    Well, as I said in an earlier post, most used != most popular, otherwise McDonalds would be the most popular food in the world... it's just the most eaten. Popularity implies that you actually prefer it to everything else.
  8. Mystere

    Worlds most popular OS Redesigned -Dual Boots with Win 8 !

    Wow, you sure have a penchant for exaggeration. "Worlds most popular OS", "No need for Windows", "App for most all things you could want"... All of those things are simply false... at least for most people. You might get better reactions if you didn't try to blow smoke up our rear ends all...
  9. Mystere

    F4 doing whatever it pleases

    F4 does not normally close windows, ALT-F4 does. Are you sure your ALT key isn't sticking? I would be surprised if the default Application function keys was also F4 to close... On my keyboard it's F6, and I have to have the function lock off for that to happen.
  10. Mystere

    Is keeping with latest drivers really necessary?

    It depends. I usually take a look at the updated drivers. Sometimes they claim improvements in things like battery life, or reducing fan noise, or increasing performance. I tend to install new NVidia drivers because of this, and I check for new BIOS's every few months. However, I typically...
  11. Mystere

    Solved Window vanishes when reduced. Why and how to get it back?

    When you restore (un-maximize it) don't click on anything else, but press alt-space on the keyboard. You should see a menu. Use your arrow keys and click Move, then press one of the arrow keys and the window should now be slaved to your mouse. Another possibility is that the window has been...
  12. Mystere

    Microsoft on Windows 8 Haters: We Could See This Coming

    It's funny how everyone seems to think that the way THEY use their computer is the way EVERYONE uses their computer. The fact is, most people who buy a computer get one with Windows 8 because that's what's in the stores. Most people don't know that there are start menu replacements. Most...
  13. Mystere

    Solved ssd lesson learned

    In windows 8, Defrag detects your SSD and will not run a defrag, but it will execute a TRIM command, which optimizes your SSD's garbage collection (SSD's don't fully delete things until a TRIM operation occurs). However, apparently there is a bug that can cause Windows to try to defrag as...
  14. Mystere

    Worlds most popular OS Redesigned -Dual Boots with Win 8 !

    I wouldn't call Android "The world's most popular OS". That's like calling McDonald's "The world's most popular food". Just because it's the most used doesn't make it the most popular. Popularity implies that you prefer the OS over all others, and not just use it because it's the cheapest and...
  15. Mystere

    Solved How to MAP Win 8 Docs, Music, etc. to second HDD?

    I don't mean to be rude, but since this is a very technical operation I would suggest that if you don't understand the material enough to accomplish it... then you probably shouldn't be doing it.. since you won't know how to deal with any problems that can arise from moving the folder to a...
  16. Mystere

    Windows Explorer - from search results to normal navigatio

    In the search results, right click the folder instead of double clicking on it, and choose "Open Folder Location", that brings you to the folder in the normal tree. I don't know of any way to make the default action do that, unfortunately.
  17. Mystere

    USB-connected device is not charging

    Many devices require more power to charge than the USB port can provide. PC manufacturers have responded with higher powered ports for this purpose, but often times only some of the ports support this. For instance, you cannot charge your iPad on a standard USB port, although it can be charged...
  18. Mystere

    Microsoft on Windows 8 Haters: We Could See This Coming

    It's unlikely that anything you said influenced Microsoft. More than likely, this was because of input from deep pockets in Microsoft's business customers. They do have containers in the start screen. You can create groups of icons, name them, etc... Then, in the all programs folder, there...
  19. Mystere

    System Administrator has blocked....

    If your computer is connected in a business environment, Based on your screenshot, the program is installed in the Roaming profile, which is typically used in Domain based networks. This means your computer's security policy is configured by your companies administrator, and they have disabled...
  20. Mystere

    Elevated Command Prompt window opens and closes instantly

    Have you run a scan for malware? Many malware apps watch for administrative actions and cancel them...