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    Solved 8.1 Successes?

    So I see many having issues updating to 8.1 here. Is this just few minority or are many having an issue? I just reinstalled my entire win8 about a month ago so I really don't feel like doing it again.
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    Comcast Business Account vs consumer account

    Our family switched to comcast busniess due to the bandwidth cap. Now that Comcast has lifted this cap should we stay with the business account or move back over to the standard consumer account? Right now We're paying $100 a month for 27Mb Dwnld. The consumer account is 50Mb dwn for a lower...
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    Solved Aarrrrgggghhhh

    I ordered 2 27" monitors from Newegg and one was severly cracked upon unboxing. The box was undamaged though so how the screen was so badly damaged is surprising. At least my undamaged one looks great. Why newegg ships monitors in only the retail box is perplexing.
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    Intel 335 SSD

    This thing is really fast. Definitely worth considering. I put Win8Pro on it and my desktop boots in almost a blink of an eye. My Performance score was like 8.1 or something for storage.
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    Win8Pro Network Speed

    I didn't think it would that much faster, but so far I'm impressed. Speedtest.net from different servers that were typically slower on Win7, Win8 was way faster, but I'll have to wait and see if it's consistent.
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    I bought an Intel 330 series 60G SSD and put win8 on it. Wow that thing boots incredibly fast. It was pretty quick on a standard 7200 platter drive, but on SSD it's even quicker. My work laptops older INtel X25-m SSD feels slower compared to this latest drive. I just wish newer drivers for...
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    Acer Iconia A200 Win8?

    So I have an Acer Iconia A200 with Android ICS. Since Win8 can only be installed on an attached drive is there a way to ghost or image Android so That I can try out win 8 and then when I'm done return the tablet to Android system? Or is there a work around to install win8 on the tablet SD...
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    Solved ASUS USB-N13 wireless adpater

    So I bought one for my Win8 laptop, installed the drivers and plug dongle in and nothing. I then uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled with the ASUS utility/driver and still nothing. No blinking lights on the dongle. Win8 doesn't see it except in Device manager. Error indicates that...
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    Remote Desktop

    Has anyone noticed remote desktop has improved greatly with Win8. I was able to watch a youtube video remotely with no lag. I was pleasantly surprised.
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    See Full Map

    How come MS removed this feature? I rather like to use it to see who's connected to the network.
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    Ugly colors

    Why does MS insist on using overly bright pastel looking colors across all their OS's? Starting with XP on up to Win8 they use pastel bright colors that in my opinion are not pleasing to the eyes. It's like they let the grade school girls design the color scheme. Why can't they find a line...
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    ati driver

    Hello, so I installed Win 8 beta 64bit build 8102 on a Dell Inspiron E1505 w/ Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 @ 2Ghz i945PM chipset and ATI x1400 and 2g RAM. I'm having a helluva time trying to install the ati drivers. I've tried compatibility mode with both vista32 and XP drivers. I've tried the...