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    Moving Windows 8.1 primary partition to the left

    I am going to move my primary Windows 8.1 partition to the left where I have opened up some free space in order to eventually extend the partition and increase the amount of space Windows 8.1 can use. The partition boot code will remain in the same place as before relative to the partition...
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    Sharing NTFS partition in multi-boot system

    I have a laptop which multi-boots between Windows7 and Windows8. I share an NTFS partition between the two OSs. If I boot into Windows8 and make changes with files in the shared NTFS partition, everything works fine and I can reboot into Windows8 with no problems. If, however, I subsequently...
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    Windows 8.1 boot stuck running chkdsk

    I scheduled a 'chkdsk /f /r c:' for my C drive under Windows 8.1. When I next booted the check disk started running, reached 13%, then never got beyond that point. I can leave it running for hours and the screen shows 13% completion and the check disk never completes. This has the effect of...
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    Sleep mode turns off keyboard and mouse

    I have a wired USB keyboard and a wireless USB mouse on my computer. I have set the Power Options for sleep mode under Windows 8.1 to occur after a certain amount of time. When I have returned to my computer when it is in Sleep mode after a particularly long period of time both the keyboard and...
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    Key combination of alt-shift-x becomes alt-x

    If I press alt-shift-x, where x is some alphabetic key, Windows 8 treats this as alt-x instead. Does anybody know why this might be happening ? I know that the shift key is working since in Windows 7 it works properly.
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    Explorer incredibly slow on 8.1

    Some change or update to Windows 8.1 Professional has caused Explorer to become incredibly slow. Right clicking a folder leads to a circular rotation cursor and a wait from 10-20 seconds before the right-click pop-up menu appears. Clicking on the arrow to the left of a folder leads to...
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    Clean install of Windows 8 on a multi-boot computer

    I have 3 hard disks of 2 TB each with plenty of space for partitions. I run a multi-boot manager with a number of Windows OSs including Windows Vista and Windows 7, along with a number of Linux distros. I would like to install Windows 8 in its own partition, not upgrade Windows 7. I am...