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    Solved Winload.exe error & Windows 8 boot loader

    Something with horribly wrong. After a Windows 7 update I am now getting a Winload.exe error in both Windows 7 and 8. I tried to repair using the Windows 8 install CD but with no success. I reinstalled 8 to it's partition with the same results. I think the problem is this... Windows 7...
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    Windows 8 - a return to the stone age?

    I've had both joys and frustrations using Windows 8. Many things feel like a throwback to ages gone by. Microsoft boasts that Windows 8 has faster boot times. But this isn't the case if you use a multiple boot OS. Instead of the quick prompt style boot menu, you are presented with a...
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    Multimedia 8 bug?

    Something called Multimedia 8 shows up on the Metro desktop by default. When I launch it, the tile fills the screen and then I am returned to the Metro desktop. Is anyone else seeing this? I also have a Video icon that launches as xbox video which works and even plays my media files...
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    Solved Windows App store... no way to search?

    I am trying to use the Windows 8 App store to find some benefits to Metro but I can't seem to find a way to search for an app. With more apps hopefully on the way, there must be some way to sort though all the variations via a feature search? No?
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    Convert Metro to Window?

    I am sure this must have been covered and my apologies if it has already been asked. I may just not be using the correct terms in my search queries. Is there a way to convert a Metro App, to its counterpart in a Desktop App? For instance, I open the Metro version of Chrome or IE. I open...