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  1. Russs


    Yesterday I updated my computer via windows update. After updating, a few hours or so, I played some GTA, when I closed the game I received this error. I again opened the game to replicate the issue but it did not reoccur. Although that's unsurprising bsods rarely adhere to pattens. Just as a...
  2. Russs

    Solved Uninstall a program dates missing

    Seemingly out of nowhere this has occurred, date installed has disappeared and by that I mean the dates of installation have all vanished. Any idea on the cause?
  3. Russs

    Solved DPC Latency issues

    Recently been getting significant latency issues on my desktop after roughly a day/two of use (hibernating at night). This causes audio stuttering and static. Issue seems to be caused by ndis, and tcpip. Using DPC Latency monitor I noticed it would skyrocket to red whenever the internet got a...
  4. Russs

    Audio/Visual Stuttering

    I have been experiencing stuttering both audio and video. This occurs after the computer has been running for two days (hibernating at night). For the first day it works perfectly, youtube, MPC, etc work flawlessly. Then towards the end of the second day, stuttering, with no apparent cause...
  5. Russs

    Solved DWM missing from services.msc

    So I was looking into why desktop windows manager was taking up so much memory (task manager). I find some solutions that might work, check services.msc and its not there. At all. I go into regedit and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\UxSms, apparently that's linked, no...