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  1. Zaref

    upgrade to windows 10 disappeared after refresh PC

    hello i have an OEM laptop running 8.1 upgraded from pre installed 8 i have reserved windows 10 in 29 july but i had some serious problems with internet connection till then *of course not related to the reservation* so i couldn't download the update my laptop ran into some problems with...
  2. Zaref

    too much problems with permissions

    hello i just don't know happened , suddenly copying , renaming or moving any file from any partition asks me to provide admin rights please don't underestimate the WUAC dialogue box as it turned my life into hell first i couldn't download anything from the internet or install any program or even...
  3. Zaref

    Games using Nvidia physX are very laggy

    Hello i encounter very low frame rate when i play games using Nvidia physX like mirror's edge (the game runs on 7 frames per second only) When i turn off the physX from game options frame rate is about 45 The problem is that some other games like metro 2033 doesn't allow you to turn off PhysX...
  4. Zaref

    windows media player can'y play music via network

    hello i have samsung note 3 and lenovo G580 *specs below* when use the nearby devices option on mobile i can access music , pictures and videos on my laptop and listen to them without any problem but when i try the reverse via windows media player it lists the music files , videos and pictures...
  5. Zaref

    can i run remote desktop on OEM laptop ?

    hello i installed the remote desktop app for android , it said it's necessary to have Pro or Ultimate versions of windows i headed to PC settings i got this can i run it ?
  6. Zaref

    are gigantic hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys safe to delete?

    hello i was trying to empty some space on my C drive , i found those 2 files with a size more than 7 gigabytes what are they ? can i delete them ? will it affect anything ? thanks in advance
  7. Zaref

    registry editor is editing nothing

    hello about a month ago i asked here how to change font color in windows boarder and the solution for my problem was editing some registry key which i did but didn't solve any thing today i was trying to change the system font by editing the key "MS Shell Dlg" and "MS Shell Dlg 2" i tried many...
  8. Zaref

    headphone works only when i partially plug it

    hello i have samsung headphones that came with my NOTE 3 it was working well when i plug it to my laptop just today something strange happened when i plug it in the laptop only the left one work but the right one doesn't if i plug it half way both work well but the microphone doesn't N.B : both...
  9. Zaref

    Saving compatibility settings

    Hello I have some old apps and games that only work when I run them using widows XP SP3 compatibility. The issue here is that every time I want to run it I have to go to properties.and change the compatibility to xp sp3 Is there any way to save these compatibility settings Thanks in advance
  10. Zaref

    Solved can't play MKV files downloaded from youtube

    hello i'm a student and i frequently download lectures from youtube to watch them later earlier this month i noticed a change in the extension of the files i download from MP4 to MKV which windows media player can't run i tried media player classic which played the sound only VLC played the...
  11. Zaref

    chrome is default browser , can't use internet explorer

    hello i use google chrome as the default browser for internet every day use but some times apps and microsoft services require using internet explorer when i try to run internet explorer it opens google chrome instead if i change the default browser from PC settings to internet explorer i can...
  12. Zaref

    Solved Any permanent fix for windows store pending problem ?

    Hello It's very frustrating problem and it never get fixed When o try to install an app from the store it just stays stuck and says pending I tried almost every single solution in the internet starting from wsreset.exe Clearing the store cache , stopping and restarting the windows update service...
  13. Zaref

    updating to 8.1 , stuck at 63%

    hello i used the refresh PC method as mine got so slow with many errors and crashes i downloaded the 8.1 update via store and left it to apply it the whole night now it's still stuck at 63% applying changes can you help ? i tried restarting but othing changed
  14. Zaref

    upgrading from windows 8.1 to 10 [OEM]

    hello i read some articles saying that people who already own windows 8 or 7 will get a free upgrade to windows 10 i have a laptop with windows 8 pre installed will i get this free upgrade ? another questions : the article said something about DX 12 , will my Nvidia Gefroce 610M support it ...
  15. Zaref

    sharing files between laptop and mobile via wifi direct

    hello is there any method to send files on my laptop to my mobile or another laptop using wifi direct ?? i hope you could help :)
  16. Zaref

    can't change folder icons

    hello my problem is i can't change folder icons on my friends laptop who has windows 7 it woks well but on my 8.1 it doesn't work
  17. Zaref

    several problems with microphone and skype

    hello i have some problems with skype and microphone please help :) 1-when i plug in an external microphone *for example samsung mobile headphone* i just listen to myself even if i uncheck listen to 2-skype mutes every thing , i also checked nothing on communication 3-i hear many beeps when i...
  18. Zaref

    one drive showing error on every boot

    this screen appears on every boot followed by long error number that i could never got the time to read or even capture it some times this screen stays for very long time and cancel button just doesn't work
  19. Zaref

    can not update windows after "refresh your pc"

    hello i used to use windows 8.1 for about a year and it was running well but lately my laptop became slow i used refresh PC and now i use windows 8 the problem here is that ican't upgrade to 8.1 unless i install all previous updates when i try to download them via windows update it just stucks...
  20. Zaref

    android devices aren't recognized by my lenovo G580

    hello my problem is very confusing every time i plug in a usb for android device it says it's not recognized by windows however the mobile or the tablet are charging via the USB but i cannot access the memory card i tried installing intel USB driver , ADB driver but still no response i use...