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    Need help about vesrato extension of Virus

    Hi all experts Recently i recieved a spam email and opened a link in that After opening link of email my all files are encrypted with Vesrato ransomware extension So what will be the possible solution for this problem Because i have a very important data in my laptop Please refer to the...
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    i need answers of following MCQS of office

    If any have any answer in the following MCQs please mention the question number and only option i,e a,b,c,d in the Reply Thanks to you 1. Which of the following is an example of hardware? (a) Word (b) Hard disc (c) Windows 7 (d) UNIX 2. The extension EXE represents (a) examination (b) extra...
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    Need Help About Windows 8 Backup And Restore

    Hi To all I am using windows 8.1 since 2013 And i am installing a lot of applications on my laptop But when i new the windows , Then i am installing all my apps, and drivers So i need a procedure to make a backup of my windows to restore fast because when i am installing new apps to windows i...
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    Need A name of this video Editor

    Hello Everyone! Can anyone say me that what the software is used in making this movie. I just need it . It is very awesome. I uploaded the video on Youtube. I have intense need to it . please tell me only the name of this software Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdV5eAU-Ha8
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    How to protect folders without software

    Hi Everyone! Is there any method available for protecting folders in windows without software
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    Solved Access is denied in folders

    Hi everyone I just hide my folders via administator CMD i.e: the folder was in E drive i hide it by using this E:\ > cacls foldername /p everyone:n but now when I am removing this i am adding this code in elevated cmd E:\ > cacls foldername /p everyone:f then is says that access is denied And...
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    Solved Please Help Me about My Data Recovery

    Hi yesterday I copied my old data from directly hard disc to hard disc via a PC. and one hard disc contain windows 8 and other has window 8.1 And when i disconnect my old hard disc (that contain windows 8). and new hard disc( that contain windows 8.1) booted in my laptop. And I saw my data...
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    help about windows update

    i have windows 8.1 enterprise But when this is updating the files are downloaded. And i want to find these files where they are being kept by windows 8 for temporarily. because some times i need these when i am offline. And windows 8 are downloading and installing automatically these files...
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    Help About video review in windows 8.1

    hy everyone i installed windows 8.1 and working properly But my Friends have windows 8 , and they are saying that there is video review when you move your cursor on the video file . as on internet / but i tried many version of windows 8 but i not succeed. that's why video review is not...
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    How to categorize hard disc drives and removable devices

    Hi I want to Categorize Hard disc drivers and removable devices in my computer. Please see the attachment
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    Plz HELP Me About 3d in PHOTOSHOP See Details

    HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!! I am Facing a problem in photoshop When I am opening the photoshop The message appears that your display driver is in problem. And after that Photoshop disables 3d function PlZ help me what I should do . I also updated My display Driver But in vain PLZ see the attachments
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    please solve my this problem

    See the attachment please
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    Solved How to remove folders from my computer in windows 8.1

    I want to remove folders from My computers in windows 8.1 then how to remove this . please see the attachment
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    Need help about making desktop like this

    I have installed windows 8.1 on my machine Can any one told me that how to make desktop like this
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    Need Help about HP printers

    I have hp elitebook 6930p laptop. and i was intalled windows 8.1 on my laptop. and i have hp laserjet 1300n printer. but the driver is not installing . and also hp printer is not printing please help me about this. That what's the problem Thanks
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    Solved Help About Audio output in Windows 8

    i have installed windows 8 pro 32 bit . but the probelm is faced . the audio service is runing in both sides, when i am plugging the headset the sound is coming in both sides I mean that in headset and also in loudspeakers. i want to play sounds only on headset when i plug the headset , please...