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    Heavy Load Temperatures for HD 6770

    So, I got a HIS Radeon HD 6770 IceQ, and have been messing around with MSI Kombustor. Then I ran the furry donut test. And within 10 seconds, the core temperature has been rising from 50 degrees Celsius to a whopping 105 degrees celsius. My question is, is it normal for the card to get that...
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    First Impressions of Windows 8.1

    So, i downloaded the leak of Windows 8 RTM (while getting full speed of internet, 30 mins of download). Upgrade install needs a special key to install, but can activate using Windows 8 key without problems. Upgrade took about another 2-hour, plus some hassle with program conflicts (DWMHook, the...
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    Getting back Windows 7 sounds for Windows 8

    How do i get back Windows 7 sound's (Default one) to Windows 8? Any answers and comments are highly appreciated :).
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    Windows Blue Build 9385 Pictures has been leaked

    Read more here: Windows 8.1 Update: 'Blue' OS Build 9385 Pictures 'Leak' : Tech : Latinos Post
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    Intended or typo?

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    Why i'll looking forward to Blue

    Watch the video on the article, finally a fined up Metro for Windows 8:D:) Windows Blue: a video preview of what's next for Windows 8 | The Verge Good Job Microsoft :thumbsup:
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    Just noticed that this site doesn't have BB Codes, or is it?
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    Microsoft's first PC lives!

    Read more at here: Microsoft's first PC lives! | Microsoft - CNET News
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    Microsoft offers Kinect code samples under open source

    Read more here: Microsoft offers Kinect code samples under open source | Microsoft - CNET News
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    Touchpad PalmCheck - Turn On or Off in Windows

    How to Turn PalmCheck On or Off for Touchpad in Windows You may sometimes annoyed by your touchpad, which doesn't work if the keyboard was pressed (e.g you cannot move your mouse while typing). This tutorial will show you how to turn PalmCheck on or off for your touchpad to be able to move...
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    Windows Blue wishlist!

    For me, the wishlist for Windows Blue was: 1. Option to choose Start Menu and Start Screen 2. Aero Glass (RP-style, no stripes) included as optional. Feel free to show your wishlist for Windows Blue!:D
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    It randomly occurs, just a few minutes after boot to Start Screen. Last happened Yesterday (2/28/2013). Also noticed that Documents and Pictures Library Stopped working.
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    Anyone noticing the Upgrade Text?

    This is the screenshot of windows.microsoft.com, showing the DVD Package of Windows 8 And this is the Microsoft Store Website: Anyone noticed the Upgrade Text below the Windows 8 Pro Text?
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    Windows 6.3 build 9319 spotted in the wild

    Read more here: Windows build 9319 spotted in the wild, kernel gets bumped to 6.3 - Neowin
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    Asus Eee PC 1025C x64?

    Straight to the problem: Windows x64 (Windows 7/8) won't install, although Intel Atom N2800 supports x64n (EM64T). Checked in BIOS, noticed that EM64T says not supported. Googled it, says that ASUS locked x64 from cheap netbooks. Any work-around/BIOS mods? :shock:
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    Solved Windows 8 UAC Glitch

    Doing anything that triggers UAC, will show the box showing "Please enter Admin password" but there is no place to put it. Yes is greyed-out. Refresh didn't work, only Reset.
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    DPI - Change for Modern UI in Windows 8

    How to Change DPI Scaling for Modern UI in Windows 8 This tutorial will show you how to change the DPI scaling of only the Metro Start screen and apps in Windows 8. You may sometimes feel the Start Screen tiles and it's apps UI is too big or too small for your monitor size. By modifying...
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    Will there be a drama for Windows 7's Support Lifecycle

    You may remember that Windows XP ended it's mainstream support on 2009, far away from when it was supposed to (2006, 2001 + 5 years of mainstream support). Windows 7 beats XP in popularity and usage, but will there be an extension of Mainstream Support drama on Windows 7?
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    Best Laptop for my Mom

    With a budget of US$310 (Rp. 3.000.000), she wants a slim laptop, not too big (bigger than 13 inch) not too small (smaller than 11.6 inch). What laptop should i choose? She is an average PC user (sometimes even below average), uses Photoshop just to view PSD files (marketing brochures), do some...
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    Refresh or Reset Windows 8 without Installation Disk

    How to Refresh or Reset Windows 8 without an Installation Disk You may already knew by now that Windows 8's infamous Refresh and Reset feature requires an installation media ready. It may be a major hassle whenever your PC starts to act up while you don't bring your installation media in hand...