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    C Filling Up, Office Not Working, PC extremely slow

    There's no information about the Notebook/Laptop in you System Specs so it's hard to determine what kind of performance you should get. I'd suspect an infection of some type is at play and may be difficult to remove when performance is bad.
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    Can I use a Windows XP disc?

    It will work, just may not have all the necessary drivers and won't have all the so-called bloatware that come with new computers. Win8.1 does support a lot of hardware but there'll always be something it won't have.
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    Can I use a Windows XP disc?

    "Buying a copy" simply means a purchase of your own copy of Windows. And Yes, I have obtained the discs from the manufacturer of the machine a number of times when a client needed them.
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    Can I use a Windows XP disc?

    The computer needs to be restored to it factory or as-shipped condition, easiest way is to try to get the discs to do so. During setup there's usually a prompt to create those discs, if not done then communication with the brand will be necessary. Or you could buy a copy and install that...
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    Can I use a Windows XP disc?

    What is the need for installing WinXP? All support for it was discontinued back in April 2014. Looking at ASUS site shows it probably came with Win8 or maybe Win8.1. If you did not make the backup set of discs when prompted you'd be better off trying to get a set of discs from ASUS. But you...
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    HP Office Jet V40 Printing partial pages, OS Win8 64Bit

    Usually machines will have both a USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port, maybe 2 or more of each. On my USB 3.0 ports the center part is blue while the USB 2.0 ports are black, cables have a matching color. Frequently a USB 3.0 port will 'fall back' to USB 2.0 compatibility but if that does not...
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    Low volume when using external speakers

    With Notebooks/Laptops I always have to keep in mind that there's 2 volume controls, one is hardware with the Fn and another Fx key combination plus the Operating System control. Add in external speakers and there are now 3 controls to deal with. Sometimes there's a fourth setting depending...
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    HP Office Jet V40 Printing partial pages, OS Win8 64Bit

    I have seen a similar issue with an older printer/all-in-one and a new computer, turned out the printer could not work with USB 3.0 ports on the computer, lost communication with it, changed the cable to a USB 2.0 port and all was good.
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    Is it possible to mod shell32.dll in Windows 8.1?

    I remember, vaguely, something from several years ago where a person wanted different icons and thought to modify that file, it didn't work. But there was something that one could use to store icons in a .dll file to make them available to the user, just can't recall the details. Maybe...
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    Share the wires, chillrun

    I have a few Notebooks with Wi-Fi and 3 of those with Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi adapter on those 3 also contains the Bluetooth feature, turn Wi-Fi off and Bluetooth is off. I've worked on, and also junked, several Notebooks and the adapter in them had only 2 wires connected to it so would assume...
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    8.1 Apps not working

    If I may: Thanks to things like texting and smart phones a lot of what I learned back in the early '90s when building computers and installing software that was called Programs we have morphed into Applications and finally shortened to Apps. With Windows 3.1 running on DOS then Windows 95 and...
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    Solved java. 32 or 64 bit?

    I agree with installing both 32-bit and 64-bit updates if running a 64-bit computer. There are 2 entries in the C: hard drive for Internet Explorer, one in Program Files for 64-bit programs and one in Program Files (x86) for 32-bit programs. The two versions of Internet Explorer appear to be...
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    Solved Multiple HDD on 2015 System. Slow boot times. any tips?

    I also have 3 USB HDDs attached to my Win7 Computer. One thing that can slow the boot time down is that the BIOS or Windows has to look at each and every attached drive to locate the boot files necessary to start the Operating System. Another thing I'd look at is the U, V, W, X, Y, and Z...
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    Why won't likes.com load?

    Works just fine for me.
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    Can't boot on USB Key

    The BIOS/Basic Input Output System stored on the motherboard determines the bootup process, has to look for certain files on a storage device to know what and how to start the computer. Once that is determined the OS/Operating System will load. For the OS to read a drive it has to load device...
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    Looking for micro-SD to USB

    Here's an image of the package of the adapter I got:
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    Looking for micro-SD to USB

    I got 2 of the adapters from Dell to go with my Dell Venue 8 Tablet. One thing to watch for is the designation of OTG/On The Go. Plain adapters may be work with the tablet, are more or less simple extensions. I even got a couple of 16GB Thumb drives that have a standard USB plug on one end...
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    My mouse pointer is totally gone.

    Are you asking about the Touchpad pointer and buttons or about an external mouse [USB Wired or USB Wireless, maybe Bluetooth]? Have you checked Control Panel, Mouse for it settings? If it's an external mouse have you changed to fresh batteries? If it's external wireless is there any other...
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    accidently deleted Administrator Account

    Were you running the actual normally-hidden Administrator account or a User account with administrative rights? For normal/standard use I've not seen where that hidden account could be easily deleted but I guess if someone works at it they could be successful. It's hidden by default and has to...