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  1. Mustang

    Solved IE11 and WLM don't work consistently in W8.1

    I've been forced to go back to Windows 8 to get the Internet and WinLiveMail to work consistently. In Windows 8 they both work seamless using IE10. In 8.1 they are so inconsistent it is impractical to use this version of Windows, even after discussions with Microsoft tech support to sort out...
  2. Mustang

    Differences for same data on W8 and 8.1.

    I have three external hard drives, 2 x 750GB USB3 Western Digital, and 1 x 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black spinner. All three have identical data on them, right down to the last byte ... both for the size of data itself; and the size of data on disk. This is true whether they are opened on W8...
  3. Mustang

    Solved IE 11 Shows Correctly Configured but Doesn't Work

    Have just downloaded Win8.1. Although IE11 on desktop snaps open, and Google shows up OK, searches for simple things like Zone Alarm or Avast anti-virus say can't be connected despite trouble shooter saying the net is configured OK. In fact no searches seem to work through Google. Direct...
  4. Mustang

    Solved Optical drive often won't read DVD data disks

    Both optical drives are shown as working properly in Device Manager, but 70% of the time will not read data DVD disks. That includes data disks burnt using Nero and ISO Joliet format; and either mutli-session or finalized after burning. And disks formatted like a flash drive in UDF format...
  5. Mustang

    Office 2013 Word settings

    I've just purchased Office 2013 as a stand alone on disk. Is it possible to set Word to open to a blank page by default as in Office 2010, instead of the selection menu of various pre-formatted pages?
  6. Mustang

    XP Activation ... after support stops

    As a matter of general interest, once Microsoft stop supporting XP, will it be possible to activate it if someone still wants to use it and do a fresh installation?
  7. Mustang

    Solved Acronis 2013 Rescue CD can't detect SSD storage hard drive

    Have been running a Corsair Performance 128GB SSD SATA3 HD for almost 2 years on flagship with Win7 OS. Installed a 2nd Corsair Force SSD SATA3 HD about a year ago for storage. Each had single primary partition and worked without problem. Installed Win8 Pro OEM from retail disk when it was...
  8. Mustang

    Solved Windows Updater Error 8024800A - Solved

    Windows updater starts searching then freezes, with error: 4024800A. Running Trouble Shooter shows it as fixed but it continues to recur. Microsoft support engineer gives the following solution: Click here --> MSsupport It's the third post down. Or to save time: 1. Open Start Menu -->...
  9. Mustang

    Solved Boot up Errors

    Event viewer shows the following warning and error events on boot up. None of these seem serious, except possibly the first error message. The inet connection would probably refer to the 2nd LAN socket which is not connected. Can anyone shed any further light? Note: Using the Event log...
  10. Mustang

    Replacement Start Menus - Consensus of opinion

    I have been a big advocate of Ex7For8 to restore the traditional Win7 Orb Start Menu, and up until recently it had been OK. But after installing a batch of recent updates, on start up it takes about 30 seconds after the desktop appears before any apps can be run. And when I click on an...
  11. Mustang

    Revo Uninstaller stalling - work around

    I've had problems running Revo Uninstaller, free version, on two machines with Windows 8 installed. It didn't matter which mode Revo was run in from safe to advanced. It would remove the selected program/app OK, but when it started searching for left over registry entries and files, it would...
  12. Mustang

    General Issues with W8

    After testing Windows 8 Pro OEM for several months on backup machine, finally decided to transfer it to my main machine, which has an Intel DX58SO2 extreme mobo. To my surprise Intel site said the board was discontinued and driver support stopped at Win7 aside from a single driver for the...
  13. Mustang

    Zone Alarm blocks Win Live Mail 2012

    After loading Zone Alarm basic free firewall v 110.000.120 ... which is compatible with Win8 .... on Win8 Pro OEM with all latest updates, (loaded from retail disk as clean installation), WinLiveMail, latest v 2012, would not send/receive emails even though shown as connected. This was despite...
  14. Mustang

    Solved Updates stopped WinLiveMail

    After installing all the latest updates on Win8Pro OEM loaded from retail installation disk, WinLiveMail stopped working on desktop. Finally narrowed it down to three security updates for Net Framework 3 & 4. :cry: KB 2729462 Security update Netframework 3.5 KB 2737084 Security update...
  15. Mustang

    New Company, New Operating System

    Imagine if we pooled all the talents and time and energy that have gone into all the posts on this forum. And collectively formed a new company with shares to all the members according to their financial input. And put all out differences aside, and focused all the latent talent and energy...
  16. Mustang

    Solved HP Deskjet 3050 won't print spreadsheet

    I have two HP Deskjet 3050 printers; one on main machine with Win7 Ult, and the other on backup machine with Win8 Pro OEM. I am running MS Office 2010 on both machines. I have files with XL Spreadsheets created from MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. All versions of all XL spreadsheet files can...
  17. Mustang

    Solved Eula oem

    In the closed thread here by Brink, it shows the EULA for Win8. This is en extract from the EULA: I have recently purchased W8 Pro OEM on disk. I spoke to Microsoft Australia and asked if that clause applied to OEM and they said no, that the normal OEM rules apply. This seems to contradict...
  18. Mustang

    View problem with forum Threads

    Not sure this is the right place for this thread, but couldn't find a place dedicated to forum problem. Anyhoo, is anyone else having this problem? When I scroll down a thread, after I'm about half way down, the view of the posts stretches to cover the full width of the monitor screen, while...
  19. Mustang

    Solved Permanently save sent PMs

    I'm not sure if this post is in the right place, and it's probably been covered somewhere else, but I can't find a way to permanently save sent PMs. I can tick to save an individual PM, but have to do this with every new one. Can anybody please help? Thanks M :)
  20. Mustang

    Why Debate 8?

    With RTM release imminent, why are the discussons so passionately intensifying re the success/failure of Win8? Is each side trying to convert the other; or simply on an ego trip to win their point? Why not just let it rest now and wait see what the consumers have to say? There is an old Greek...