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    HELP! WiFi connected but cannot access internet!

    If you really do have internet access you should be able to ping a DNS server located somewhere outside your network. open a command prompt, Start > run > enter "cmd" and hit enter. type in "ping" if you get a response in replies you know that its technically working and connected to the...
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    Solved Can no longer "Play To" xbox one, unexpected device error.

    Thanks for the response broe23. I had a hunch that it was the powerline adapter/wireless AP that I used to wire my Xbox. I bought a new set of 600MB powerline adapters and it worked all most immediately. It picked up my Tversity media center on my PC in a matter of seconds and I played a movie...
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    Solved Can no longer "Play To" xbox one, unexpected device error.

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out. I'll try and explain my setup as its a little more complex than others. I use my PC in my room as a media server (Tversity), I connect to my Xbox One in my den using a power line adapter/wireless access point, It has worked in the past but...
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    Optional Update KB3000850

    It's not the download that took long, that only took a minute. The installation was painful though. It took nearly 3 hours.
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    Optional Update KB3000850

    It's been installing for about 30 minutes now, how long should I wait for it?
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    GTX 980 Video Card

    In the past it was always a pain updating video drivers, specifically making sure you got everything from the previous installation off your system. Now GeForce Experience does a great job of stream lining the operation. all you have to do is check for updates, then select 'Express...
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    Stealthy Game Recommendations Wanted Please.

    Without a doubt, Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It's the best stealth game I've ever played, Personally I found AC3 and dishonored very disappointing. Blacklist improves on an allready strong footing from Conviction.