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    Auto opening of windows system 32 folder

    Since 2 days i have noticed that whenever i start my system with win 8 cp, windows system 32 folder opens automaticly within a 10 mints since starting of system. Although it dosn't creat any problem but i wan to kow why its happing?
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    Keep One Change One [6]

    Bar code
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    Keep One Change One [6]

    Hanging out
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    IE 10 Issues With Facebook

    Me too facing this problem, any solution?
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    Solved Problem during installing updates

    Thanx again, after performing this command i tried for update installation again and it is installed within 2min, so i think my problem is solved now. Once again thanx for help
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    Solved Problem during installing updates

    Thanx for answering, I spent 2hrs for installing but nothing happen then I tried ur suggestion and perform "sfc /scannow" command then I got this message "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violation". Did I performed correct command if so then whats now?
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    Solved Problem during installing updates

    Hello frnds, When i check for windows update it shows 3 updates and one optional update is ready, but when i install them it always shows 0 byte and 0% completed. so how much time it take to install?