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  1. J

    VPN Connects but "No Internet Access".

    Hi whenever I try to connect to any VPN, it connects properly but it says "No Internet Access" & no web pages will load. It just started doing this recently and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  2. J

    Strange files called desktop.ini on desktop

    Hi after I restarted my computer I noticed desktop.in files, is this normal, and can I delete them?
  3. J

    BSOD irql_not_less_or_equal error

    My computer just recently got an "BSOD irql_not_less_or_equal", how can I fix it or determine the cause of it? Also when I restarted my computer, it just appeared as an black screen and took 10-15 minutes to load, not sure if that had anything to do with the BSOD error or not
  4. J

    Solved Can I disable "Legacy Support" in the BIOS?

    Can I disable Legacy Support, since it's for older operating systems?
  5. J

    Programs starting when I have them disabled

    Programs that I have disabled at startup are automatically starting on their own
  6. J

    Solved Strange process that I've never installed

    I was checking all the processes connected to my computer with TCPView, and I noticed a strange svchost.exe from Akami Networks, I know it's a legitimate company, but I've never downloaded anything to do with Akami. Could it be a botnet?, and I also noticed one from a company called verio inc...
  7. J

    Google Search Problem

    I've recently noticed "Safe Preview Refinements" when I do google searches, how can I remove this?
  8. J

    Solved Windows Defender Potentially Unprotected

    I opened Windows Defender, and it said "Potentially Unprotected" scan hasn't been ran in awhile. but I got it set to automatic scans everyday, I ran a scan and it still says the same thing.
  9. J

    Solved Hidden backdoor in my AT&T Gateway

    First going to tell how my network is configured, I use my AT&T Gateway for just my modem and firewall, and I use a Netgear router as an wireless access point. I ran a full port scan and found that port 3479 is open, is it an possible security risk, and if it is what can I do about it?
  10. J

    Malwarebytes blocked sites in Sandboxie

    Since Malwarebytes blocked sites in sandboxie, does that mean Sandboxie isn't working correctly? Might be stupid question but it has me curious
  11. J

    Solved How can I be sure Java is completely Uninstalled?

    My computer came with Java installed by default and I uninstalled it, how can I be sure it's 100% uninstalled from my computer? Also I don't think this means Java is on my computer necessarily but in web browsers I notice Java, does that mean Java is on my computer?
  12. J

    Solved Random folder that says backups

    I just noticed an random folder on my desktop that I didn't create called backups. Is there any programs that automatically do this, I haven't installed anything recently on my computer
  13. J

    Strange Software in Registry

    I noticed a strange software name in the registry, does this appear safe? Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot
  14. J

    Can't enable Secure boot

    Hi I can't seem to get Secure Boot enabled on my laptop, the secure boot option is greyed out and I can't change it to enabled, my computer came with windows 8 on it automatically so I thought it would've been enabled by default.
  15. J

    Solved Safe to open spam in Outlook webmail?

    I'm wondering if I can get infected just by opening an spam email, or do I need to actually click on a link inside the email? Also my email seems to be loading images by default is that even safe?
  16. J

    Solved Malwarebytes Question

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  17. J

    Solved Software Question

    I noticed "Visual Studios 2012" in my programs, and it says it's by AVG Technologies and I no longer have avg on my computer, can I uninstall these or are these needed? Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot
  18. J

    Strange IP Addresses Trying To Log In My Email

    Lately, I've noticed theres been a couple strange ip addresses trying to log into my email, Is there a way for me to report these IP addresses? Screenshot of the IP's: Screenshot by Lightshot
  19. J

    Is Admin account an security risk?

    I've heard browsing on admin accounts puts you at a lot more risk than using a less privileged user account, what are some things I can do to make it more secure? I got UAC at the highest level but I'm not sure if that makes a big difference
  20. J

    Opening emails with pictures gives the sender your IP?

    So I'm wondering if this is true or not, I use hotmail/outlook email, and alot of spam emails have images, and I've heard a sender can get your ip just by you opening their messages, is this true?