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    windows 8 sucks

    Windows 8 Is Faster, Smoother im fine with windows 8 and i like it.Also i see a huge performance in games.If you miss Start button i recommend to try StartIsBack StartIsBack - real start menu in Windows 8 exactly same as the start menu in windows 7 (no adds etc) you can have both btw.old start...
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    Solved No Control Panel in Apps with Metro UI

    Oo thx toshio i didnt know that . thank you brink nice to meet you all guys and girls :thumbsup:
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    Solved No Control Panel in Apps with Metro UI

    Hello all im new now in 8forums Well my major problem is i cant get control panel metru ui run.i did all steps scan etc.no luck.i mean the normal control panel in metro ui is appearing but not the metro ui ones like the screenshot at first page.(without the cat) :D Sorry for my bad english i...