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  1. kmint

    Solved Can't boot, can't reinstall, can't repair (locked drive)

    I had W10 in another partition, it updated and my laptop got on fire at very high temperature. I went to W8.1 and it also updated and also started to overheat. I removed all updates installations and still was very hot. So I decided to format W10 and with EasyBCD to fix the boot, but it...
  2. kmint

    Someone accessed my Gmail from my own IP. What to do?

    Hi, I was warned by Gmail twice in one month that they blocked an access attempt from a weird IP (looking lime a mac address more than like an IP). But I noticed that someone has accessed my Gmail from my own IP with devices which are not mine, a Mac computer and a Galaxy S4. It could be...
  3. kmint

    Blue screens

    So, I am having blue screens and shut off on my laptop with 8.1 and 8 before. I tried everything. Clean installs, BIOS and all drivers update... It gets blue, shuts off and restarts to DOS, and I have to remove the battery and unplug to restart to Windows. Any idea why this happens?
  4. kmint

    Fast Boot enabled on UEFI blocks access to Windows

    Hi, I restored UEFI to default settings and after that I couldn't get into Windows anymore, I just get into UEFI all the time after every reboot. No Windows. So I started to try and change things and finally found out that Fast Boot enabled is the culprit. If I disable it, I can get into...
  5. kmint

    Bad noise on quite new laptop.

    Hi, I hope somebody can give me an opinion from his experience. This laptop is 4 months old, Asus X501A. I had to return another one to Amazon because it made some bad clicking noises and the hard disk was faulty as Hard Disk Sentinel said it was with 68% health new. So, this laptop model might...
  6. kmint

    Solved I can't install Windows from USB in hard drive

    [SOLVED] I can't install Windows from USB in hard drive SOLVED: I changed the partition label from Logic to Primary with Easeus Partition Master and I am now installing Windows 7. You can delete this thread if you wish. My old laptop died. It had Windows 8 (upgrade only) over Windows 7. I...
  7. kmint

    Solved How can I make a list of my 500 mp3 divided in many folder

    Hi, I have like 500 mp3 divided in many folders. What I want is a fast way to see them in one only list in alphabetical order, but I don't know how to do it without taking them out of the folders, which is a bad idea to put them in again one by one. I would like to get a list and also a way...
  8. kmint

    Same files in two drives but one uses 70 GB more.

    Can somebody help to solve this mystery? I had a Seagate MyBackup 1TB external drive. When it was half full I decided to buy another one, the same Seagate, same model, same 1TB. So I copied the files to the new one and I do backups every week or so for the changes. Today I noticed that the...
  9. kmint

    [8.1] Add to Start Menu not working

    [NOTE: I don't know where to place this question. If questions about 8.1 must go somewhere else please feel free to move it.] My problem is that I can't add programs to Start Menu teh way I used to do it, with right click, context menu and Add to Start Menu. It is still there in the context...
  10. kmint

    Can I delete the SkyDrive duplicate files in my laptop?

    I use SkyDrive as my cloud storage and have 5GB of files in it. But I want it to be IN THE CLOUD and hidden, not accesible to everyone using my laptop and not duplicate copies of the files in my hard disk (actually triplicate copies). For example, let's say my 3GB music collection. I keep a...
  11. kmint

    Windows 8 updates in new laptops taking hours. Why?

    My laptop died and I purchased a new one, with such bad luck that I had to return it two times for being deffective. So this is the 3rd one in a row in which I am suffering the same "torture". After three days or so, when starting Windows (after shut down, not suspend), it will take hours with...
  12. kmint

    Solved HDMI on TV no audio, poor quality image

    I just bought a new laptop and tried the HDMI, but there is no audio and the image is poor. It's an Asus X501A with Pentium 2020M Ivy Bridge and Intel HD Graphics. I tried changing the output resolution, to tweak the audio properties, etc. No success. Any idea? Thanks.
  13. kmint

    How to do a clean install over a preinstalled W8

    How to do a clean install over a preinstalled W8? I purchased a new latop from ASUS which comes with lots of garbage and many partitions. I first tried to do a reset to get rid of everything but it says that it doesn't find the necessary files, so it is failing. So I would like to download an...
  14. kmint

    Older keyboard not recognized at all

    I have an older keyboard which works well in Windows 7 but in Windows 8 it is not recognized at all. It is not even listed in the devices manager. I downloaded and installed the last chipset drivers from the manufacturer of the laptop (Samsung) but it didn't help. I had a liquid spill over my...
  15. kmint

    I am missing the Skype tile.

    I am missing the Skype tile. I installed first the Metro version, then unistalled it and installed the desktop one, but the tile is missing and I only have the desktop icon. When I right click the desktop icon looking for "pin to Start Menu" it is not there. I don't know why, because it is...
  16. kmint

    So, do you use W8 Modern UI apps?

    I am reading everywhere that Windows 8 is not being very successful by now, but the big thing with Windows 8 is Modern UI and the whole new ecosystem of apps, market and interface. And I still don't know how much are Windows 8 users using all of it. For instance, I never use Modern UI at all...
  17. kmint

    Solved I have a doubt about Windows To Go

    I have a doubt about Windows To Go. I updated to W8 Pro from Release Preview and paid only 30€. So, I read that this update is only valid for this specific laptop and I can't install it anywhere else. However, with Windows To Go, I could use it anywhere, in any other computer. Even...
  18. kmint

    Changes in Windows 8 Release Preview

    For those who have already tried it, please feel free to comment in this thread the changes you have found compared to Consumer Preview. Thank you.
  19. kmint

    Windows Live Messenger login so annoying!!!

    I am tired of one bug. When I open Windows Live Messenger (for chatting with friends), it automatically connects with the account I use for Windows 8. But... my very old Messenger account is NOT the one I am using for Windows, exactly for the reason that I want to keep some privacy measures...
  20. kmint

    Trick: Create Shutdown or Restart buttons on your desktop or taskbar

    Tired of the annoying way to reach the hidden shutdown or restart buttons? Me too. There is a very easy way to create quick direct buttons to shutdown or restart and place them on your desktop or your taskbar. I placed them on my quickstart bar to the left. I made my own icons. See here...