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    Creating Windows Bootable USB in Virus Affected Computer

    I am thinking of doing fresh install of Win 10 in my virus affected win 8.1 computer, for which i have to make a bootable USB of win 10 from my affected computer. I want to know would it be safe to make bootable USB from an affected computer, will it might include prevailing viruses in my PC to...
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    Dell Studio 14: Takes forever to shut down!

    Hi there from past 3 day i have been facing this problem. when i shut down my laptop with windows 8 installed in, it takes forever to shut down. as soon as i press shut down it follows routine procedure like shutting of screen etc but the power button was still lightened and fans were still...
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    Urgent!! Task Manager Shows Nothing. Computer Shuts off

    To my great surprise. my pc turns off due to over heat when nothing is in process i.e idle. it works fine and continuously without overheating and all but when i leave it untouched for 30-60 min. aftersome time computer display brightens up and fan start blowing temp rises too Tmax and it turns...
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    This Folder is Empty....Folder Takes To Much Time To Load

    hey when ever it try to open any folder in my computer its shows folder is empty even it has files in it then on task bar green ribbon runs for some time and then it shows files in folder...this wont be happening someday ago but now m getting this problem...hard drive test shows it is working fine
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    Scanning a Bootable USB

    will scanning a bootable usb can destroy integrity of files in it i.e windows bootable usb?? will this scan can cause any problem during installation
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    Weird Problem....... Is my system compromised??

    yesterday during normal working of computer it suddenly refreshed means task bar icon refreshed (as when some new software installs task bar icons blinks) i was working that time on my pc..i thought there might be some new software installed on but control panel shows nothing new has been...
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    Can't turn on wifi in newly installed window 8.1

    hey please help i cant turn on wifi in my newly installed win 8.1 driver is upto date i checked it in device manager
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    Too Much Time To Startup As well as For Shut Down

    Hi windows 8 is taking too much time to start as well as for shut down as compared to its state some days ago i havnt installed any new software...changed registry or have done any thing else.....please guide me what should i do..i have changed from win 7 just because of its huge startup time
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    Effect of Revo Uninstaller on Registry

    i want to completely remove an application from my system i was recommended Revo uninstaller i googled about it and it says it make or delete some changes in computer registry i just wanted to know is there any bad effect of this software (revo) computer on registry if i use it in completely...
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    Pro & Cons of Sign in to Windows 8 using Microsoft account

    what are the pro and cons of signing in to windows using microsoft account
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    How do verify that Win 8 has been installed properly

    how can i verify/check that window 8 is installed properly and working fine is there any option like reliability history in win 7 which marks any error while any installation?
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    Window 8.1 Drivers Help Needed

    I am going to install window 8.1 previously I have window 7 preinstalled by dell.....now I want drivers for various factory fitted hardwares but on dell support website for my model no there is no option for divers on window 8 os my model number is Studio1457 help will really be appreciated..
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    Is it posible to add Window Media Centre to Win 8.1 PRO VL

    hi there I want to know is it possible to add WMC through add feature option in window 8.1 PRO VL?? or it is only available to retail subscribers?:geek:
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    MAK Keys....window 8.1

    will mak keys only works with volume edition of windows viz win 8 pro VL or it can work with basis versions like pro also....
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    How to add window media centre to win 8.1 pro N

    hey could anyone help me in providing details how to add WMC to win 8.1 pro N
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    Upgrade to Win 8.1 Enterprise Edition

    Hello. I have window 8.1 pro installed on my system and now i am planning to install win 8.1 ENTERPRISE EDITION. Before installing i want clear certain points. 1) Will win 8.1 ENTERPRISE EDITION be heavy on my resource and system usage as compared to window 8.1 pro? if yes how much. 2) Could...
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    Solved Upgrading with DVD of Window 8.1

    Hey i have purchased window 8.1 pro DVD from a retail store please note it is complete windows DVD not an upgrade pack i want to upgrade my window 7 ultimate to win 8.1 pro with this Complete DVD and retail key provided with it could anyone guide me with steps in upgrading with this DVD please...