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    [Info]Games which support for Windows 8

    Hi, guys. I was recently researching on how many games are compatible with Windows 8 Release Preview ( And Professional (( Both x32 and x64 bit )) ). Also, i was extremely bored, so i did this... Here are the results. ( I will update this topic each day, because i keep on testing games )...
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    Solved How to donate?

    How to donate to Eight Forums?
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    I really need it

    Hey, guys. Since 2011, i saw those small rectangle signatures which show Windows 7 user, Windows 8 User, Nvidia User, etc. in a small rectangle one with motion pictures. How to get that? I really need it, please...
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    Solved Help please

    Hi, guys. Recently, i saw members with the title 'VIP Member', i was thinking how they earned it. Do i have to donate? What will i have to do to earn that rank?