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  1. Spoonhead98

    32GB Micro SD Card Slower than 16GB

    Hi, I have an Asus Transformer Book T100 and I wanted to use my SanDisk 32GB UHS Speed Class 1 Micro SD Card however when I copy files onto it (Usually large files) it starts to copy really slow but eventually stops. Comparing this to my 16GB Micro SD card which is only Class 4, it copies way...
  2. Spoonhead98

    AMD CPU Getting Too Hot

    Hi, i have just built a gaming pc with an AMD FX 8320 CPU. The CPU is getting a lot hotter than my Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 on my old PC. My Intel got around 29 degrees C when idling, my new AMD gets around 44 degrees when idling. I am using a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo Tower Cooler to cool my...
  3. Spoonhead98

    Will my new graphics card fit in my case?

    Hi, i am going to build my first gaming PC soon. I have chosen an R9 270X Sapphire Toxic. This card is very big and im not sure if it will fit in my case. The case is Thermaltake Commander USB 3.0 Snow Edition. Thanks
  4. Spoonhead98

    Good Cheap Motherboard for Crossfire?

    Hi, i am going to build my first PC soon. I want to Crossfire 2 R9 270X's but not sure which motherboard to go for. The motherboard has to support AMD Athlon X4 760K and have USB 3.0 Can someone pont me in the right direction plz. Thanks
  5. Spoonhead98

    Is My PSU Powerful Enough for my new Rig?

    Hi, i am going to build my first PC soon and wanted to know if a 750w PSU is good enough for all my stuff? My hardware will be: MSI A55-G41 MotherboardAMD Athlon X4 760k 3.8GhzSapphire R9 270X 4GB 1020MHz GDDR 5 (x2)8GB Ram 128GB SSD 1TB HDD DVD Drive Im not sure how to check if it can handle...
  6. Spoonhead98

    Anyone Heard of FenOS?

    Hi, have you heard of FenOS? Its a hybrid Operating System which runs Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Solaris applications. It is being released 9th September 2014. Tell me what you think, Will it be a Windows killer or a failure? http://www.myfenos.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ookZ59I9EyY
  7. Spoonhead98

    AMD Athlon Stock Cooler any good?

    Hi, i am going to build my own pc soon and plan on getting the AMD Athlon X4 760K CPU. I wanted to know if the stock cooler is any good? I am prepared to buy a new cooler if i need to. Sorry if im asking lots of questions over the next few weeks, i just need to know how to get it done right. :)
  8. Spoonhead98

    Solved Is 2x 4 Pin Molex to PCI-E Safe to use?

    Hi, i am going to upgrade my GPU from a GT 440 to a R9 270X soon. The problem is that i dont have 2 pcie connecters on my power supply, i only have one. I have seen on YouTube that the 270X comes bundled with a 2x 4 pin Molex to PCI-E converter. The 270X uses 2 6 pin PCI-E connectors. Would it...
  9. Spoonhead98

    SD Card Needs Formatting after Copying Files

    Hi, i bought a Micro SD Card 32GB from eBay. Im trying to copy files to it so i can transfer them from my PC to my Laptop, however whenever it finishes copying files and i plug it into my Laptop, it needs formatting. I have tried copying files to it and them plugging it back into my PC but it...
  10. Spoonhead98

    Will a USA Windows 8 Tablet Work in The UK

    Hi, i am looking to buy an ASUS Transformer Book T100. I have looked at the prices of the tablet from the UK, and US. It is cheaper from the US. Will the Tablet still be fully functional in the UK? Will i still be able to do everything i can with a UK version of the same tablet? I know the wall...
  11. Spoonhead98

    Cant Change My SSD To AHCI Mode

    hi, i have recently bought an SSD. I have heard from a youtube video that changing the Sata controller from IDE to AHCI can give me better performance but i tried to enable this and it doesn't recognize the drive. The PC will not boot in AHCI mode which meant i have to switch to IDE again. I...
  12. Spoonhead98

    Games Drop frames when text is on the screen

    Hi, i know i have had a lot of gaming issues but please help. I am playing PC games in Windows 8.1. The game plays ok but has low FPS when text is displayed on the screen. I know this sounds weird but has anyone ever heared of this issue? It never happened in Windows 7. Thanks
  13. Spoonhead98

    Acer Laptop Will Not Boot (Blank Screen)

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire laptop which has recently stopped booting up. It doesn't display anything when powered on. I know it is not a problem with windows because it doesn't even display the Bios boot screen. Why is this? The fans start but I cant hear the hard drive. Please help Thanks
  14. Spoonhead98

    Hyper V and Games Problem

    Hi, i have heard that Hyper V in Windows 8 can make games drop FPS. I am experiencing this issue (GTA 4) but i cannot turn of hyper V, it is already unchecked. I cant turn it on either because my processor doesn't support it. Is there a way around this? Thanks
  15. Spoonhead98

    Cant download Windows 8.1

    Hi, i want to download windows 8.1 to try it out but it is saying ISO files are not yet available. I know windows 8.1 preview has been released because i have seen it on YouTube. I live in the UK btw. Thanks
  16. Spoonhead98

    Google Chrome Glitching out in Windows 8 Mode

    Hi, I use Google Chrome as my default browser but every time i launch chrome in Windows 8 mode, it starts glitching up. Google Chrome is set as me default browser. 1. Chrome has no metro icon: 2. When i click Chrome it launches the desktop then Metro Chrome. 3. Metro Chrome has no Chrome logo...
  17. Spoonhead98

    Install Windows to an External hard drive?

    Hi, thanks for all the help you have been giving me! Can i install windows 7 or 8 to an external hard drive so i can take it to another computer, select it from the boot menu and it will boot up? Thanks!
  18. Spoonhead98

    Will Microsoft keep the Desktop in future Windows Versions

    Hi, i have been reading about Windows Blue and there are rumors about the classic desktop being removed. I dont think microsoft would do that because lots of people use legacy windows apps. Will the classic desktop ever be removed from windows? I was worried that all my apps will be useless in a...
  19. Spoonhead98

    Office 2010 Won't Uninstall

    Hi, I got a BSOD while installing offce 2010 and it wont start. i tried to uninstall the whole program but it just automatically restarts my pc. When i get back onto the desktop it does nothing and the broken office 2010 is still there. an i just get rid of it completely? Thanks
  20. Spoonhead98

    Adobe Fireworks Won't Start in Win8

    Hi, Adobe Fireworks won't start in Windows 8. It worked perfect in Windows 7 but won't anymore. I have tried CS3, CS4 and CS5 (I Dont have CS6) but they all do the same thing... Nothing. I have tried running them in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and XP. Also tried running as administrator but...