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    I really need it

    Thanks, i got the website which makes those signatures userbars.be
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    Solved How to donate?

    Thanks, Brink :D
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    This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

    Not that dumb, but some controls are not easy to find.. That's the problem for me
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    Black Mesa, Half-Life 2 reinvention, 7 years in the making, free!

    I did play Half-Life, in FPS, not Third Person Screen. Also, i never knew you were talking about Opposing Force. When you start the level in Half Life ( Episodes ), you start in some skin, not a soldier skin. As the level pass on, then you get the skin.
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    Solved tried everything still cant install win 8 on acer laptop

    Check the problem through hash
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    [Info]Games which support for Windows 8

    Hi, guys. I was recently researching on how many games are compatible with Windows 8 Release Preview ( And Professional (( Both x32 and x64 bit )) ). Also, i was extremely bored, so i did this... Here are the results. ( I will update this topic each day, because i keep on testing games )...
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    windows desktop manger using too much resources

    You can go to Task Manager > Processes, and one thing Never, ever you should end the SYSTEM programs, because ending it might crash your desktop. You can end programs like chrome.exe, etc.. Dont ever end explorer.exe, taskhost.exe, taskmgr.exe, etc..
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    Solved How to donate?

    How to donate to Eight Forums?
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    What Are You Listening To?

    You like these songs, but i like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_HCJ2H08_I
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    Any ideas for changing the background of Metro

    I knew some software authorized from Microsoft used by my friend, it can edit almost anything in 8, but forgot the name, will recollect it...
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    I really need it

    Hey, guys. Since 2011, i saw those small rectangle signatures which show Windows 7 user, Windows 8 User, Nvidia User, etc. in a small rectangle one with motion pictures. How to get that? I really need it, please...
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    Browsers not working

    Windows Firewall doesn't block SSL connections, probably the browser can't recognize the certificates which the website has, and might not permit to resolve the DNS.
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    Numark Omni Control driver isn't working in Windows 8?

    Anyone can't do magic to finish something ( Except Brink ), but this may help you. Download and install DirectX 9.0 ( NOT 11.0!!!! )) Post back when you are done with DirectX, with what sound card does your computer have.
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    Solved Too much security?

    If you turn on Defender again, a conflict would arouse between Defender and AVG ( Since they're both anti-viruses ) Best to work with AVG and MalwareBytes for your computer...
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    Just installed Windows 8...issues with internet connection and Norton?

    Oh, forgot, Thanks, azasadny for reminding me, Symantec is much more better than Windows Defender. You know why? Symantec detects a virus each hour, and has a built-in internet security ( Internet security, Anti-Malware, etc.. ), once i had it for my Windows 7, and it worked perfectly than...
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    Do you plan to use third-party antivirus and firewall?

    What you say, those 'nasty geniuses' create simple worms and trojans these days, that any AV can remove them. What other viruses do you think of?
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    Microsoft basic display adapter

    Hmm... He doesn't have a ATI Radeon... deanie44, what graphics card do you have?[/COLOR]
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    Crossfire Philippines

    No prob
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    Graphics Problem with Windows 8 RP x64?

    Downgrade your DirectX version to 9.0 ( 11.0 is for Windows 7 only )
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    Black Mesa, Half-Life 2 reinvention, 7 years in the making, free!

    Gordon Freeman in a soldier skin...