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  1. EzioAuditore

    Windows Could Not Search For New Update With Code c0000022

    See if this helps -- How do I reset Windows Update components?
  2. EzioAuditore

    Last Letter Game [6]

    After I posted that i had a feeling that someone may point that out... :p Let's just say Yeti was a genius, invented a interstellar teleporter, (was excited about Win 8 so) installed Windows 8, got lost how to navigate metro, reached quasar.. :D Geopbyte
  3. EzioAuditore

    Facing DLL error and windows not getting updated done

    I wonder what file it is.. Even a google search doesn't come up with any result for the file.... :confused: Can you please run a full scan with Malwarebytes and post the results? Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download PS: Update it before running the scan.
  4. EzioAuditore

    need help about icon !

    No problem. Just post if it worked or not. :)
  5. EzioAuditore

    Last Letter Game [6]

  6. EzioAuditore

    need help about icon !

    I've not tried 8 yet but i believe this should work with 8 also. Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Forums
  7. EzioAuditore

    Last Letter Game [6]

  8. EzioAuditore

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Thanks A Guy. Btw, seems that 'New members' can't have a sig, huh?
  9. EzioAuditore

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Thank you Hopalong X. :)
  10. EzioAuditore

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Many old and known names here. Feels Good to be here. :D
  11. EzioAuditore

    Will Aero still be avaliable in Windows 8?

    I too would say Yes as the 'Wind UI' will only be available to x64 users (atleast, as of now :P), and I don't think MS will leave the x86 users with only some basic or high contrast theme. :P
  12. EzioAuditore

    Solved Happy Birthday Bare Foot Kid

    Happy Birthday, Ted. Enjoy the day. :party: