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  1. J

    Change ALL references to a particular drive letter

    I want to change ALL references to E:\ to D:\ both in file names themselves & text within all file names on an entire drive. I know how to do this with the registry but not how to search & change a whole drive worth of files. Anyone know how to do something like this? Any suggestions, warnings...
  2. J

    Solved Programs that "should" run at startup are not starting up.

    I have multiple programs that are supposed to run at startup are no longer starting up. Msconfig says they should start up & another program I use shows they should be starting up. They used to run just fine. Something has changed preventing them from running. Anyone have any ideas? Help!! Jim
  3. J

    Win 8 dual boot - the timer isn't working

    I get to the new win 8 graphical boot screen, but the timer is not working at all. I've tried to change the timer from the default 30 seconds to 15 seconds & back again with no success. It will sit on that boot menu for as long as I choose to wait before making a selection. Anyone have any...
  4. J

    Solved manage attachments????

    I didn't know where else to ask this type of question & couldn't any place that would answer it. Someone please direct me to the right place if I am wrong. When I go into Manage Attachments & click on browse all that happens is that the screen just blinks at me & that's all. Funny thing is I...
  5. J

    Dual boot Win7/Win 8 - Drive letter issues

    I have an SSD drive with 2 partitions on it. 1st partition has Win 7 on it as drive letter C. 2nd Partition has Win 8 on it as Drive letter W. At 1 point in time if I booted to Win 8 the drive letter would dynamically change from drive letter W to Drive letter C and make Win 7 drive letter W...