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    Solved extra virus protection?

    I work for an MSP and we use Hitman Pro in addition to Vipre. We've found it to work well as supplemental malware protection.
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology SSD how to configure

    1. I misread your post as being about the rapid start, which uses a hibernate partition. 2. I said my link was for Lenovo, but virtually all the PARTITIONING instructions for Intel technology ate the same, as the partition ID's are for the Windows system, and are not vendor specific. See...
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology SSD how to configure

    The following is for Lenovo products, but the steps in diskpart should be the same. Just remember to install the proper driver or software for your laptop: Considerations to deploy Intel Rapid Start Technology - Lenovo Support (US)
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    want to delete these two partitions as i have new mobo

    Use gparted: GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD
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    Solved Type cover 2 with RT

    It may also be a defective cover. I had no issues with mine when I still had the original RT.
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    Computer wakes from sleep every 15 minutes.

    Does your computer support connects standby? If so, see if that is enabled.
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    Of Hyper-V, Wifi, and Hotels

    Maybe try bridging the connections?
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    Want to Migrate Boot to 24GB mSATA?

    A 24 gig drive would probably be too small, which is why it's used for caching. Even the tablets (not RT) give you a 64 gig drive.
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    IE10 Metro app not available in my Metro start screen

    Also ser if it's set to always open on the desktop.
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    Difference between the hyper-v on Windows 8 /8.1 and Serve

    I think he's misunderstanding the point of the intended uses of the client and server Hyper-V platforms.
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    Hyper V - connecting to the internet

    Hyper-V on Windows 8 is mainly for testing and deployment. It allows QA teams and devs to test patches and software or to allow admins to stage servers before migrating them to production. Microsoft wasn't necessarily aiming for the same market that VMware Workstation targets.
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    Performance comparison of type 2 hypervisor vs type 1 hype

    A simple web search should give you plenty of information.
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    Difference between the hyper-v on Windows 8 /8.1 and Serve

    There is no difference, from what I understand, between Hyper-V on client and server operating systems. It should be the exact same (8/2012 or 8.1/2012 R2).
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    Windows 8.1's 'fix': One new Navigation tab

    On my Surface RT, I don't use the new features. On my work PC, I do. (I'm running the 8.1 preview on both). Also, given that many of our SMB clients wind up with Windows 8 when they buy new PCs, these features will definitely come in handy.
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    Sharing files between Win8 host and XP guest

    If you're connecting FROM a Windows 8 box, you can set RDP to automatically connect drives from the Windows 8 machine to the RDP host. You don't have to enable network file sharing.
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    Best Touch Screen for Tablets

    The Dell Latitude 10 can be had with a Wacom digitizer. It also has a removable battery with a 4-cell option, and a great docking option.
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    Solved Windows 8 Phone cant access RD web

    The browser on Windows Phone 8 lacks some of the Active X controls required.
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    Recommendation on virtualization software to run XP?

    For the OP: in order to have full resolution in Hyper-V, you need tobset up an internal networkbon your host and guest, then use that to remote desktop into the guest.
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    Happy Hanukkah

    Thanks :) My wife and I both believe in speaking to children as if they were adults - and by that, I mean using "normal" speech instead of "baby talk." We tell him what things are we talk to him about where we're going, etc. We even say the last part of blessings over food and drink when we give...
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    SSD, sluggish performance on Chrome and other applications

    The OP stated clearly that neither Internet Explorer nor Firefox suffered from the same problems as Chrome. Doesn't this indicate that the problem is most likely with Chrome?