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    Solved windows store application install problem 0x80070002

    I recently downloaded a app from windows 8.1 store but got the error and the apps did not install.
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    Solved Change windows 8 version from Retail to Vl without reinst

    Currently i am using windows 8 pro retail version.But i want to change the retail edition of my windows 8 to volume license version of windows 8 pro so that i can activate my product with the key provided by my corporate network.How to change windows 8 pro retail to windows 8 pro vl without...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 upgrade from kms activated windows 8 problem

    I have an activated windows 8 pro version which was activated using KMS server.But now i want to upgrade it to windows 8.1 for free.But i am not getting any windows 8.1 upgrade notification in windows store.Please tell me how to upgrade my windows 8 to windows 8.1 with out losing any of my...
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    Solved update problem

    when i was updating,i got the following error. the image is posted while i use windows troubleshooting the following issues are fixed yet while i updating,i am facing same problem.again while using toubleshooting,the same issues are being fixed and also getting similar problem.what to do now?
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    update 8024401C error

    I can not update the windows.. it says 8024401C error always. Anyone facing the same problem?it says Windows could not search for new updates. There was a problem checking for updates.i have used update troubleshooter.but no results .please help
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    dvd writer problem

    my lapi model is VPCEH26EN -sony vaio.i have installed windows 8 pro.but now my dvd writer can not read dvd drives.in windows 7 all cd and dvd are working well.but now what 's the problem.is there any driver required to read the drives
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    skype problem

    when i call a free microsoft number for office activation.but connection it says to click numbers to proceed.but when i click on one number it is already being repeated to 2 to 3 times on the skype number dial pad.what to do whta is the problem
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    Solved virus attack problem

    while browsing,i opened the site http://youtube-romania.com/ by mistakely.when i clicked on any video on this site to play it says to download adobe flash player.when i click on this,a small .exe file downloaded.next i install it.but this was a virus.so my lapi gets affected by this virus even...
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    windows reinstall

    my pc is recently affected by virus.so i want to reinstall windows 8.when i click on recovery option refresh your pc without affecting your files,this windows appear as shown in image.below that option another option exit.reinstall windows to its factory setting.this option also showing the...
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    Solved membership

    how to become power member or vip member in this forum?
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    create recovery partition

    my sony vaio laptop model is VPCEH26EN.I recently installed windows 8 pro 64 Bit.I formatted whole hard disk and installed windows 8.I had a oem recovery partition when i bought this laptop with windows 7 preinstalled.By this hard disk partition ,i used to recover the whole windows to its...
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    graphics card unsupported with windows 8

    ati radeon graphics card latest driver for dell is not supporting in windows 8 ?what to do
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    lock screen problem

    it is known that To bypass the lock screen, tap any key on the keyboard, or, on a touch screen, swipe the screen up with your finger.but in my laptop tap any keyboard cannot bypass lock screen.i have to swipe by mouse.whats the problem.before few days i was able to bypass by keyboard.but now...
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    windows upgrade

    i have already installed windows 8 pro rtm version in my laptop.Should i upgrade it to final retail version or rtm is the same to retail version?