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    What is C:\Users\MSSQL$ADK ? Is it legitimate?

    Thank you, Barman58. That is very helpful. I have used MSSQL in the past, but not in the past year. I've done some data recovery recently, and tried out several types of recovery software. Now that you've explained that some applications run services under a specific user, I will look into...
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    What is C:\Users\MSSQL$ADK ? Is it legitimate?

    than you, but Google results not relevant Thank you for googling MSSQL$ADK. I did the same, and got the same results; but none of them tells you that MSSQL will install something that looks like a user directory; and none of them makes reference to the term "MSSQL$ADK". So Google found no...
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    What is C:\Users\MSSQL$ADK ? Is it legitimate?

    Hi, All! I was trying to clean up my laptop prior to upgrading to Windows 10, when I noticed something odd with my C:\Users directory. Nobody else uses this laptop. It's an HP Pavilion with Windows 8.1. Under C:\Users, I have my normal user directories: one Administrator user, one standard...
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    Standard User's My Documents folder misnamed under This PC

    My Windows 8.1 PC had always run like a charm, when suddenly it began doing all sort of strange things, such as concurrently shutting down multiple apps as I was working in them. So I tried to restore to a Macrium Reflect image from October, but the restore failed. I tried older images; they...