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    Solved Popups Enabled

    This morning I turned on my machine and everything seemed fine until I started the Internet Explorer. I got Pop-Ups all over the screen, I was told Pop-ups had been enabled and that to disable them to call some number. I had to use the task manager to shut down the Internet Explorer. I...
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    Changing name of User to match MS Office

    I did a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro and I installed it using my Microsoft Hotmail account. My profile in the Microsoft Hotmail account was "Alfred H.W. Kaufmann". The Windows install program created a user folder called "AlfredH.W". Normally I could care less about that but when I use...
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    Solved Outlook 2013 uses Word to open PDF attachment

    I have a computer running windows 8.1 and Office 2013. Every time we double click to open a PDF attachment in Outlook e-mail, Outlook tried to convert it to Word format to open it and it makes a mess of it! I can save the file and then the system uses Adobe to open it, but that seems a bit...
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    Tasteless In Your Face Ads

    I've had MSN.com as my home page for as long as I can remember. Today I have finally had enough of their tasteless social ads. Maybe it would not be too bad if there were one ad offering to meet men or meet women on my home page but when it is at the top, side and bottom, it is too much. Good...
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    Is my Asus GTX 660Ti video card starting to fail?

    I have an ASUS GTX 660Ti and the last three NVidia driver updates have caused me to experience problems that made me rollback the driver. A few minutes ago my screen went white and then the monitor told me it lost the signal from the display port cable and turned off. I did a cold reboot and...
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    Solved Getting old is NO fun!

    An elderly friend took a wireless phone that she bought for emergency use only back to the retail store because it was not working. They told her it needs to be charged. She told them to charge her more so they put her on a more expensive plan and they are now charging her more! :shock: She...
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    Solved SSD - Does More $$$ mean better?

    I am looking at a 512GB SSD and wondering why the Samsung 850 Pro is about double the price of the Crucial MX100. Their specifications are almost the same, the big difference is warranty with Crucial offering 3 years and Samsung 10 years. The other difference is that Samsung offers software...
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    Cloning To or From a PCI-e Storage Device

    Does anyone know of a good program that will allow me to clone my system which is a PCI-E storage device (OCZ Revodrive 350) to a hard drive for backup purposes and of course boot from that hard drive if required to reverse the process? Ak
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    Meter Drivers for OneTouch Software

    I have a OneTouch meter and when I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 I waited a long time for a new cable, usb to serial comm, along with the drivers. I installed everything and it worked fine. Now I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and when I plug in this cable the device manager reports this...
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    A Horror Story

    Last Friday a very old lady (85) asked me to help her with her printer as it was only printing light purple. When I got into her computer it was a disaster. Requests were popping up all over the place and the Internet Explorer was opening up on weird pages and no matter what IP Address you...
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    Solved Word 2013 Fails to start up

    I have a subscription to Office 365 Small Business Premium. The install on my Windows 7 64 Bit machine went fine a has been working great for about 3 weeks now. I was at the office yesterday and for some reason Word 2013 fails on startup. It starts up, I select the blank page option and then...
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    Remote Assistance Request won't use Outlook 2013

    I am trying to send a remote assistance invitation by e-mail from one machine using 8.1 to another machine using 8.1 Window tells me I don't have a compatible e-mail program ... I am using Outlook 2013! I am paying a monthly fee for Outlook 2013 and I would like it to be fully compatible with...
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    Need a Wi-Fi Webcam Suggestion

    I have been searching for a wi-fi webcam that would automatically upload pictures using FTP. All the webcams I have found need Windows 7 32bit for their software to work. If anyone knows of a wi-fi webcam that comes with software that works with Windows 8.1 64bit OS, please let me know. Thanks
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    Solved Need webcam software to capture image and post to website

    Many years ago I had a webcam and bought software that allowed me to automatically capture an image every so often and upload it to a website. Now I have Microsoft Studio webcam and it does not come with any software that I can set up to automatically capture images and upload them to the...
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    Solved Wi-Fi Connection Type

    I have a DLink DWA-182 wireless adapter and it connects to my DLink DIR-865L router and the connection speed is 866.5 Mbps. This connection type should be 802.11ac but when I open the Task Manager the connection type shows as 802.11n. Is this just some minor bug in Windows 8.1 Pro that should...
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    Kaspersky 2014 Patch B

    I have just installed Kaspersky 2014 ( on my Windows 8.1 Pro RTM and it seems to be working fine. :party:
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    Why is my wireless slower than my wired connection?

    I just installed a new wireless ac adapter and I do get a 1.3Gbps connection to my router. However when I test this connection by transferring some large files I get about 350Mbps for sending and 600 Mbps for receiving. When I transfer the same files with a 1Gbps wired connection I get about...
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    Solved Will there be Windows 8.1 forums?

    I just installed a new bios and it lost my raid drive C:. I was faced with re-installing my Windows 8.0 Pro or going straight to Windows 8.1 Pro and save myself doing it again October 18th. Windows 8.1 Pro installed and activated. :party: The question I have is will there be separate forums...
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    Solved Laptop always resuming..

    I installed Windows 8 on laptop that came with Windows 7. Everything works fine but every time I start up the laptop I get the notation system resuming. I did not put the laptop to sleep but told it to shut down. This is not a great problem unless I want to get into the bios. Right now the...
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    Solved UEFI without doing a clean install?

    I built myself a new system and I am now on my third clean install of Windows 9 Pro. The first installation was nixed due to faulty programs and the second by faulty hardware. This installation seems to be fine, at least my event log is not showing any significant errors. I really don't...