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    Rotation Problems

    A couple of weeks ago (after installing RP) my slate started to have rotation problems. Now it works fine in desktop mode, but when rotating in metro, apps like IE rotate but only take up a small portion of the screen.
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    Solved Intel Widi

    Works now. Some artifacts and some lag with high frame rate video, but it works. Perfect for what I need at school.
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    Solved Intel Widi

    Thanks! I'll give it a try.
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    Touchscreen vs. regular screen

    I teach high school and am constantly mobile both in and out of the classroom. I use a touch screen tablet, Samsung S7S, have set up a deskless environment inside my classroom, and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse when needed. At meetings or when I take the students to a lab or to the library...
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    How are YOU using your Start Screen?

    I'm using it as my start screen with great results.
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    Solved Intel Widi

    Has anyone managed to get Intel Widi to work with windows 8? Specifically, with Samsung s7 slate?
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    Solved Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

    Has anyone tried this on the Samsung series 7 slate? Thanks.
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    YouTube Video Shows How "Real People" React To Windows 8

    Exactly. Even just pointing out the need to mouse over to the lower left corner to get back to start, you know, the basics, would have allowed him to navigate the rest of the system.
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    YouTube Video Shows How "Real People" React To Windows 8

    Don't know, seems kind of an unserious attempt. Most people who would purchase, install, or upgrade to Win8 or who purchased or were given a Win8 machine would also have some familiarity with it or access to the manual, not to mention be able to ask questions. Looking forward to the companion...