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  1. dakeb

    convert nas drive from FAT32 to NTFS

    Hi, Anyone know how to convert an old FAT32 NAS drive to NTFS without losing the data on it? convert z: /fs:ntfs gives error message cannot convert network drive ta
  2. dakeb

    Solved No Hotlinking Icon

    I just see this no entry sign that says no hotlinking instead of poster avatars and images in posts. What's that all about? I am viewing the forum on tapatalk 2
  3. dakeb

    Streaming to surround sound

    Hi guys, I want to stream my music and videos from my laptop to my smart tv via Wi-Fi so I can listen through my surround sound system. I cannot seem to do it through the music and video apps in win 8.1 Anyone know how to set the apps to stream to DLNA devices? Thanks
  4. dakeb

    Gimme my Windows 7 back!

    Really dont like this tile screen and apps setup on my laptop. Probably okay on a tablet but you really do need a touchscreen to benefit. Some of the apps simply don't work, not robust, buggy. Email only shows you messages from the last two weeks! Photos has a problem syncing with Facebook and...
  5. dakeb

    Ethernet port not working

    just noticed my Vaio ethernet port isn't working. it says the adaptor is working normally, but when I plug in an ethernet cable is says the cable is not plugged in. I tried it with two different cables that work elsewhere. I wonder if the laptop ethernet card is faulty? Wireless is working...
  6. dakeb

    Angry Observation

    Did the update to Win 8.1 last night, simultaneously I downloaded Roxio installation files. Over WiFi this takes 2 hours. 8.1 finished first, and wanted to restart. Roxio had 20 minutes to go. There was absolutely no way I could prevent 8.1 restarting my computer. It didn't wait for ongoing...
  7. dakeb

    NAS drive not indexing

    Hi I have a Sony Vaio connected by Wi-Fi to a BT home hub, which has two NAS drives connected to it by Ethernet. I deleted all media files photos, videos, mp3s off the Vaio to save disc space, with the intent of accessing them off one of the NAS drives. Problem is, Windows 8.1 photo app is not...