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    Created a DVD with photos on it. Now it cannot be opened?

    Windows 8.1. Used whatever Copy / Paste software comes with 8.1 Edge is my Browser. I have a full copy of the photos on my C: Hard Drive. The DVD DVD had a full 4.7GB's unused. It was then Formatted. I then Copied the photos I wanted and Pasted them to it. The System spent about 1/2 hour writing...
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    Can W8.1 create System Repair Disc vs. a Thumb Drive?

    I am looking for the equivalent of a Windows-7 Pro System Repair Disc rather than a Windows-8.1 Recovery Thumb Drive . Is this possible and if so how?
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    Does / will W8.1 work using Raid-0 or Raid-5?

    Using generic W8.1, can I use Raid-0 or Raid-5 successfully as my Boot Drive? If so, do I just 'somehow' clone an existing System onto a Raid install?
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    Solved How do I find my posts?

    I cannot seem to find a button to display just my posts.
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    Solved Unusual W8.0 to 8.1 behavior, upgrades to 8.1 then reverts back to 8.0?

    I succeeded in doing an In-place Upgrade from W7-Pro-64 to W8.0-Pro-64. Then, the Free Upgrade to W8.1-Pro-64. I used a new 750GB MBR drive to Clone to, it worked just fine. I did this as a 'test' to insure things would go well without disturbing what other Drives I have. Once it went so well, I...
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    Solved Can I clone from a W8.1 MBR Boot directly to W8.1 GPT Boot?

    I have W8.1 on a 750G MBR Boot Drive. I want to clone to a 4T GPT Boot Drive. Is it possible? Might there be another / easier way?
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    Solved Is there set of Instructions on how to correctly Search a Forum?

    When I enter a Search, most often it comes back and says it left out certain word for assorted reasons. If I had access to the Search Rules, I would correct what I entered in error. Just guessing is frustrating.
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    Solved Is there such a thing as an "In Place Upgrade" from W7 to W8.1?

    If so, where is it available and how expensive is it?