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  1. Rymax99

    Drive goes randomly undetected causing freezing

    I've had a downhill battle with my build since I built it in early 2014. My hard drive randomly goes undetected in Windows and due to this, sometimes my machine crashes as expected if none of the crucial system files are accessible. When the machine crashes, most of the time the drive is also...
  2. Rymax99

    Random freezing - 'Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0'

    Hi, First, I would like to start off by saying that this is not a Windows 8 exclusive problem, I've had it in Windows 7 and upon install to Windows 8, it still occurs, which is leading me to the conclusion that this is a hardware problem. Ever since I built my machine in early 2014, it seems...
  3. Rymax99

    NSIS error on startup

    So today, I installed Comodo internet security and Firewall. It's all installed and working, but upon startup I get this error "NSIS Error Error launching installer" Any ideas?
  4. Rymax99

    3rd party firewall recommendations

    Comodo seems to cause conflict in Windows 8, and that's what I've used since XP. Any recommendations?
  5. Rymax99

    Run a file within a local network

    Is there a command prompt command to run a file within a network? Such as shutdown -i [localip] etc..
  6. Rymax99

    "System" process windows 8

    Hi, my process "System" which leads to C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe uses about 10 CPU all the time. I'm wondering what it does, and if there is a way to lower the usage
  7. Rymax99

    Solved Windows 8 and non local accounts

    Hi, I am currently using a local windows 8 account because I'm not sure if i switch to a windows live account as my method of logging on to windows, I'm not sure if I will still be able to get into my computer without internet. Can someone please explain this to me ?
  8. Rymax99

    Sometimes you can't hit tiles and windows key won't work

    Sometimes when I'm in metro, when I hit a panel nothing happens. It looks like something to do with alt tabbing, also sometimes when im in a app, i can't hit windows key to get out of it. Anyone have the same issue?
  9. Rymax99

    Solved Dotted line around windows 8 desktop icons

    Hi, I just recently upgraded my system to Windows 8 PRO 64 bit edition. I noticed on my desktop there are these around my icons: Is there any way to get rid of them, or disable them?