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  1. robinb9

    Solved What happened to windows ten forum??

    ok i cannot get to the windowstenfourm whynot? robin
  2. robinb9

    Trenton computer festival

    I am again doing a seminar at the Trenton Computer Fair, which is held at the Trenton College of N J on March 21. My seminar will be on Computer Safety and Tips and Tricks using windows 8.1 and a peak preview of Windows 10. My presentation starts at 11:20 am You can see it here. Trenton...
  3. robinb9

    Solved Metro apps will not open on windows 8.1

    I have a client running windows 8.1 on a dell laptop, with touch. This started about 2 weeks ago. When she tries to open any of the apps you see a flash and nothing opens. This is for all apps including the store. When she reboots the machine, the apps open. This is a random thing and...
  4. robinb9

    New Arrival

    It is with great pride and pleasure I announce a coming of a new beginning to our lives. Our son Aaron, Susanlisa and my two grandkids Maya & Rebecca are having a baby. It is due sometime in the beginning of March 2015.
  5. robinb9

    Inspiron 11 3000 Series (Intel(R)) - 3147

    Dell came out with a new 2 in 1 (tablet/laptop) in June of this year. I could not afford the surface pro 3 and for the money I did not want to still spend over $700 for the surface pro 2, so I checked this out. I went to a show that showed it and I really liked it over the levano. I got it...
  6. robinb9

    Malware Anti exploit free

    Anyone install this and like it or not?
  7. robinb9

    problem with commands- they are yellow

    I cannot figure out how to fix this on a clients computer, seems all the commands are in yellow as you see in the pics below it even shows up on the web site Anyone know how to fix this?
  8. robinb9

    Microsoft to do a surface mini

    This sums it up real nicely Microsoft Surface Mini: What We Think We Know
  9. robinb9

    Ya think?

    This is so true
  10. robinb9

    true or too funny?

    what do you think? eh?
  11. robinb9

    Trenton Computer Festival Powerpoint Presentation

    Here is a bit about what I did at the Trenton Computer Festival Saturday Seminars Scroll down till you see the power point presentation
  12. robinb9

    Need some opinions on the levano yoga 2 11

    I took a look at this one the other day and was wondering if anyone has it and i would like your opinion of it, it is a 2 in one. Looks pretty neat one of my concerns is speed and i saw a small port for a hdmi but i do not think a regular hdmi will fit in it so what does one use to hook it up to...
  13. robinb9

    Trenton Computer Festival- March 15 9-5pm In NJ USA

    For those living in the tri state area and want to attend the Trenton Computer Festival, it is a great festival to go to. their website is: Trenton Computer Festival and take a look here Collaboration with Microsoft through Microsoft Community Connections | Trenton Computer Festival I will...
  14. robinb9

    Very Interesting about the Surface Pro 2

    Has anyone noticed the Surface Pro 2 is marked as Sold Out at the Microsoft Online Store? I wonder why? it is not that popular, especially its price
  15. robinb9

    Wanny freak out your neighbors?

    Too funny
  16. robinb9

    Problem with Itunes upgrade here is a fix

    I have seen this on all pcs (not macs) on windows 8 and 7 When installing the latest version of iTunes, when you try to open the iTunes icon you get an error msg that it is missing a certain dll and if you reboot the machine you get the same msg To fix this: Go to Program and Features: Uninstall...
  17. robinb9

    For those living in NJ

    I am doing a 100 minute workshop on march 15 at the Trenton Computer Festival on Tips and tricks using Windows 8, why it is important to back up your computer, and computer safety. You can see what it is all about here http://tcf.pages.tcnj.edu/ I am not sure what time yet my workshop is, i...
  18. robinb9

    What would make Windows defender scan for 58 hours?

    i have a client running windows 8.1. on a touchscreen laptop. He set a full scan and it was running for 58 hours till he finally shut it off. He also has malwarebytes and on a full scan it took 2 days to finsih Quick scans take about a half hour I am getting his laptop this afternoon to try...
  19. robinb9

    Fyi for those who have an iphone 4/4s and 5/5s and galaxy

    Best buy has a deal today only for the phone charger for $24.99 for both charging cases Reg price $99.99 And also the galaxy You can see the article here below, i just bought one for each phone...
  20. robinb9

    Hotfix for Outlook 2010 when installing SP2

    this is the hotfix for Office 2010 when you install sp2 and see in event viewer over and over Outlook 2010 calendar Folder is empty It is a zip file which you will have to unzip It puts it into C:/ Find the file that says (if it is the 32 bit one) Outlook 2010-Kb2849973-fullfile-x86-gill.exe...